Weekly Update – May 31, 2015

Festival of Fantasy #23

Another week as come and come on the Dad For Disney blog so that must mean it’s time for another weekly update.  This update will include last week’s articles as well since there was no update last week.

The update starts with some news about a Disney Vacation Club expansion coming to Wilderness Lodge.

We find out where the tracks lead on a Wordless Wednesday.

Then a lot of words are used during a debate over what could happen to Star Wars Weekends if a Star Wars Land comes to Hollywood Studios.

Find out what some of the top “non-marquee” restaurants are at Walt Disney World.

See what Disney songs come out of your memories during a Music and Memories Wordless Wednesday.

Hop on the Magical Blogorail Orange Loop as it takes a tour of the best Disney resorts for couples.

Learn my strong opinion on dynamic/tiered pricing as it relates to Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

See what is going on in the world of refillable mugs at the Walt Disney World Resorts.

Changes to Refillable Mugs

There have been reports, from guests staying at select Walt Disney World properties, that there have been changes to pricing structure to the refillable mugs.  The single day, two-day, and three-day pricing has been eliminated.  However, the total price has dropped from $17.99 to $16.49.  The mug is still included when a guest purchases the Disney Dining Plan as part of their vacation package.

There is no word on whether this is a permanent change or one of Disney’s test balloons to see if a potential new policy is well-received by the visiting public.  More to come as news becomes available.

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Dynamic Pricing and Walt Disney World

In the past couple days, there are have been a number of people who have received surveys asking about “dynamic pricing” and Walt Disney World.   This is not dynamic pricing in the truest sense of the word.  Dynamic pricing is when the market, to a point, dictates what the price of a ticket for an event is going to be.  Disney is investigating if it wants to maintain its current model of pricing or move to a more dynamic model of pricing where certain, more popular, dates will cost more than less popular dates.

Let me say that some business, mainly baseball teams, have been doing this for years.  It’s done in an attempt to get more people to come to the “less popular” games while making more of a profit of the games that  people are coming anyway.  Usually, there is a price floor which the tickets if bought from the team do not fall below.  People can still get tickets, below market value, if they purchase (at their own risk) from a third-party vendor.

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A Couple Stay at Yacht Club

Day One #6

Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Orange loop. Today we are discussing the best Disney resorts for couples.

Most people think of Walt Disney World as a place for a family vacation.  Walt Disney World can be a place for a couple to get away for a weekend as well.  There are many great resorts at Walt Disney World to choose from and at a variety of price points depending on the budget.  This article is going to focus on the Yacht Club resort.  My wife and I, in August 2014, stayed at Yacht Club while our child was visiting her grandparents.  It was a fun and relaxing weekend.  What can a couple expect out of the Yacht Club resort?

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Wordless Wednesday – Music and Memories

This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is music and memories.  Just picture can spring forth a song from a person’s memory and there’s a good chance that song could be stuck in their head for the rest of the day.  What song do these pictures remind you off?

Wordless Wednesday - Music

As always plenty of words in today’s Behind the Magic Podcast


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