Top Non-Marquee Table Service Restaurants

Disney has a lot to offer the foodie in all of us.  There are a lot of really good restaurant.  But where should you look if all the top choices are taken?  What restaurants are out there that provide a good experience and have tables available on short notice or for larger groups?  Today’s article tries to answer those questions by focusing on the restaurants that are overlooked by a lot of travelers.  The restaurants are listed in no particular order and cover a wide range of cuisine and resort choices.

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Star Wars Land and Star Wars Weekends

Being that we are in the midst of 2015 Star Wars Weekends and a lot of people clamoring for a Star Wars expansion to Hollywood Studios, I’m taking today to try to figure out what would happen to Star Wars Weekends should a permanent Star Wars Land come to Hollywood Studios.


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Where The Tracks Lead – Wordless Wednesday

This week’s topic is Adventure.  Adventure means different things to different people.  Today’s picture is one of my favorites.  It was taken during our 2010 trip to Walt Disney World.  We were staying at Wilderness Lodge and waiting for the Magical Express to take us to the airport.  My wife and I were checking something out (possibly some topiaries, I can’t remember).  Our daughter, on the other hand, had found a different and new adventure….a set of tracks imprinted into the concrete sidewalk.


Wordless Wednesday - Adventure

Plenty of words can be found on today’s Behind the Magic Podcast featuring Tim’s Mouse News Minute

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Disney Vacation Club Expansion – Wilderness Lodge

According to Tim K., who does a wonderful job with the website, Disney Vacation Club has filed paperwork to expand the Disney Vacation Club offerings at the Wilderness Lodge.  This expansion looks like it will include 26 lake-side cabins.  12 of these cabins will be on the north-side of Wilderness Lodge.  They will have a view of the Magic Kingdom and presumably of the nightly fireworks show.  The remaining 14 cabins will be on the south-side of Wilderness Lodge.  These cabins will have a view of Bay Lake and of the Fort Wilderness area.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

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Weekly Update – May 17, 2015

November 2014 Trip #2

Welcome to the end of another week with Dad For Disney, it was another magical week with discussion of a wide variety of Disney topics.

The week opened with a discussion of whether Walt Disney Corp. should add a free/included in price Magical Express service to Disneyland like they have Walt Disney World.

A November 2015 Travel Guide for Walt Disney World

We took in the Festival of Fantasy Parade on Wordless Wednesday.

The top 5 thrill attractions at Walt Disney World were talked about on Top 5 Thursday.

We closed the week on a snack tour of Magic Kingdom.  YUM!

See you tomorrow with another week of Disney discussion.

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