Fast Pass, Just Pass, or Wait for It – Transportation Edition

Today, we bring out another edition of Fast Pass, Just Pass, or Wait for It.  This time, we are looking at Disney transportation to and from the parks.  There are many different ways to get to and from the parks and some of these ways are better than others in my opinion.  But like anything with an opinion, what I like may be different from yours so when you are done reading please leave us a comment.  Transportation which is eligible for this game: the monorail, the boat launches around the Magic Kingdom resorts and Ticket & Transportation Center, the Friendships between EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, the buses, and finally your feet.

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The Bare Necessities

Welcome to another Disney Music Monday blog hop.  Today, we are looking a song from the Disney classic movie, The Jungle Book.  The Jungle Book, like most Disney films of the era, had songs written by the Sherman Brothers.  However, The Bare Necessities is unique.  It is the only song from The Jungle Book soundtrack not written by the Sherman Brothers.  It was written by Terry Gilkyson.  Gilkyson was brought in to write all of the songs for the movie.  However, a large portion of the song had to dark of a tone for Walt Disney’s vision of the movie.  As a result,  the Sherman Brothers were brought to completely re-write the soundtrack with The Bare Necessities as the lone survivor of Mr. Gilkyson’s work.

Thanks for joining me on this Disney Music Monday with a look at one of Disney’s classic songs from one its classic movies.

Disney Music Monday #1

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Disney With a Large Group

Planning a Disney trip can be a daunting task even if you planning a vacation for just your immediate family.  The task grows even more daunting if you are planning a vacation for a group or a trip with extended family.  This article is going to discuss ways to make the task seem less daunting and some tips to use when you are on vacation which can make your vacation with a group or extended family more enjoyable.  These tips can be applied to groups both big and small.

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Weekly Update – September 28

It’s Dad For Disney’s first weekly update in the fall.  Fall is not my favorite season since means winter is only right around the corner.  But Disney does to a great job with fall which makes for some great photos.  With that, here is this week’s articles.

Two Announced Closures – Two Different Reactions

Who was Joe Fowler?

That’s Too Many Eggs, Gaston!!!!

Fastpass+ – Too Much Planning

Characters I Would Like to Meet at Walt Disney World or Disneyland

I’ll be back next week for a full week of articles.  Thanks for reading!

Characters I’d Like to Meet at Walt Disney World or Disneyland

Walt Disney World and Disneyland have lots of character meet-and-greets.  Many of them are permanent meet-and-greets with their own themeing, some are temporary or semi-permanent locations, while some are part of a “character-palooza.”  A character-palooza is a meet-and-greet which only occurs once per day, if at all, and feature some of the lesser-seen Disney characters.  But even still there are some characters who never seen in a Disney parks.  Here’s my list of some characters that I would like to meet on a Walt Disney World on Disneyland vacation.

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