A Couple Stay at Yacht Club

Day One #6

Welcome to this month’s Magical Blogorail Orange loop. Today we are discussing the best Disney resorts for couples.

Most people think of Walt Disney World as a place for a family vacation.  Walt Disney World can be a place for a couple to get away for a weekend as well.  There are many great resorts at Walt Disney World to choose from and at a variety of price points depending on the budget.  This article is going to focus on the Yacht Club resort.  My wife and I, in August 2014, stayed at Yacht Club while our child was visiting her grandparents.  It was a fun and relaxing weekend.  What can a couple expect out of the Yacht Club resort?

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Wordless Wednesday – Music and Memories

This week’s Wordless Wednesday theme is music and memories.  Just picture can spring forth a song from a person’s memory and there’s a good chance that song could be stuck in their head for the rest of the day.  What song do these pictures remind you off?

Wordless Wednesday - Music

As always plenty of words in today’s Behind the Magic Podcast


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