Star Wars Land and Star Wars Weekends

Being that we are in the midst of 2015 Star Wars Weekends and a lot of people clamoring for a Star Wars expansion to Hollywood Studios, I’m taking today to try to figure out what would happen to Star Wars Weekends should a permanent Star Wars Land come to Hollywood Studios.


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This topic is something that has gone through my mind a couple of times and could have an impact on a great number of people.  Would there be a need to have Star Wars Weekends if there was a Star Wars Land?  My initial answer would be no because every weekend would, in effect, become a Star Wars Weekend.  Instead of having a few weekends in May and June when Star Wars gets a massive presence in the parks, it would be every weekend and those crowds in May/June would be spread out over 52 weekends not just packed into five or six.

But that’s just looking at it from a character and restaurant perspective.  There would always be Star Wars characters in the park.  There would always a Star Wars-themed restaurant or two in the park.  The demand for those would be spread out over the entire year.  But what about the actors and actresses who play the characters in the movies?  Would Disney try to spread these people out over the entire calendar year?  My guess is no.

My thoughts are Disney could attempt to turn Star Wars Weekends into something like the Flower and Garden Festival or Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT.  Hollywood Studios could still have Star Wars Weekends with an increased presence in the park.  Much like the Food and Wine Festival, the standard Star Wars presence would still be there.  But for Star Wars Weekends (that would still be in May), Hollywood Studios would increase the park presence of Star Wars.  This when the special parades and movie/TV show actors and actresses would make their appearance.  I feel this is a good compromise should a Star Wars Land come to fruition in the parks.

I think this would make a lot of park go-ers and Disney happy.  Park go-ers would see an increased Star Wars presence in the parks with a Star Wars Land expansion and still have the ability to go to Star Wars Weekends to see the Star Wars related stuff than they won’t be able to see on a typical weekend.  Disney would be happy because a Star Wars Land expansion will help increase foot traffic in Hollywood Studios and keep the exclusivity of Star Wars Weekends to help further increase foot traffic during a slower time in the parks.

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