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What Was Learned at the D23 Parks Panel

Yesterday at D23, the Parks Panel presentation took place and A LOT of new information was dropped.  So much information that I have to break in down park by park and then what is going on outside the theme parks on the resort side.   Let’s dive in head first.

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Should Disney Have a DVC “Stub-Hub-esque” System

Today’s blog post originated when a friend of me rented points, had a reservation through a third-party vendor, and then lost his reservation when Disney discovered that the member who sold his points to be rented was behind in his dues payments.  The third-party vendor washed his hands of the old reservation and offered my friend a new reservation by at an increased cost which my friend declined.  However, today’s post isn’t going to argue who was wrong and who was right in this situation but to discuss should Disney run their own “Stub Hub/Points Exchange” program instead of letting this service be run completely by third-party vendors.

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Weekly Update – May 31, 2015

Festival of Fantasy #23

Another week as come and come on the Dad For Disney blog so that must mean it’s time for another weekly update.  This update will include last week’s articles as well since there was no update last week.

The update starts with some news about a Disney Vacation Club expansion coming to Wilderness Lodge.

We find out where the tracks lead on a Wordless Wednesday.

Then a lot of words are used during a debate over what could happen to Star Wars Weekends if a Star Wars Land comes to Hollywood Studios.

Find out what some of the top “non-marquee” restaurants are at Walt Disney World.

See what Disney songs come out of your memories during a Music and Memories Wordless Wednesday.

Hop on the Magical Blogorail Orange Loop as it takes a tour of the best Disney resorts for couples.

Learn my strong opinion on dynamic/tiered pricing as it relates to Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

See what is going on in the world of refillable mugs at the Walt Disney World Resorts.

Disney Vacation Club and The Polynesian

Starting today, current members of the Disney Vacation Club can begin purchasing points at the newest property of the Disney Vacation Club…the Polynesian.  The addition of Disney Vacation Club villas and bungalows has been a major part of the renovations done at The Polynesian Village Resort and vacation club members and non-members have been waiting for sales to open.  Currently, only current members can purchase points at the Polynesian at the cost of $160 per point.  Sales for new members will begin on February 9th.  No word on if the sales will remain at $160 or will go higher.

Bungalows being constructed (August 2014)
Bungalows being constructed (August 2014)

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Disney Vacation Club at Moderates?

As you know, I listen to a lot of podcasts while I write my articles.  Over the weekend, I was listening to the Mighty Men of Mouse Podcast.  They spent a couple of minutes discussing the possibility of Disney Vacation Club resorts making their way down the moderate level of Disney resorts starting with Caribbean Beach.  This got me thinking: Is this a good idea for Disney?  Does it make sense of Disney to start branching out into moderate resorts to expand the Vacation Club?


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