#ImagineeringFriday – Reimagining Walt Disney World Speedway

A couple of weeks ago, Disney announced that the Richard Petty Driving Experience would be leaving the Walt Disney World Speedway in June.  Disney also announced that the area would be undergoing “transportation enhancements.”  To me, this is very vague and leads me to believe that “The Mickyard” will be no more.  This makes it a perfect candidate for #ImagineeringFriday.

Usually, I set up some rules and restrictions for these projects.  But with this one, there are no rules.  You can design whatever you want into that space.  It’s a blank canvas.

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Kid-Sized Review: Toy Story Midway Mania

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Orange . Today, we are discussing kid-sized reviews.  My daughter is only nine years old but she is an experienced Walt Disney World traveler with seven trips under her belt already.   In today’s review, she discusses one of her favorite attractions….Toy Story Midway Mania.  She has gone from a four-year old who could barely pull the string to shoot at the targets to a nine-year old sharpshooter.  She is going to provide a brief history of the attraction and then I interview her about her likes and dislikes about the attraction.

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The $100 Mental Barrier

Walt Disney World, over the weekend, raised the price of a one-day Magic Kingdom only ticket over $100.  The price of that ticket is now $105.  The price of a one-day EPCOT, Hollywood Studio, or Animal Kingdom only ticket is still below $100.  These tickets now cost $97.  Many people are upset about the ticket increase.  Some people are downright outraged.  Myself, I saw the writing on the wall this time last year when a one-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom cost $99.  I knew the next ticket increase was going to cross the $100 barrier.

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My Pixar Place Expansion

As part of this week’s #ImagineeringFriday, we are expanding Pixar Place.  The rules of the expansion state we need to create: 3 new attractions, a new table-service restaurant, a new quick-service restaurant, and a new meet and greet.  I am choosing Paris from Ratatouille as the theme for the expansion.  The area is going to have the Arc de Triomphe as the hub for the expansion.  Off of each “mini-street” will be one of the attractions, the quick-service restaurant, and finally the meet and greet.

Arc de Triomphe #1

At the base of the Arc de Triomphe, guests will find La Ratatouille restaurant.  This is the restaurant that Remy, Linguini, and Colette open at the end of the Ratatouille.  The French theme will add something new to the restaurants in Hollywood Studios.  Plus, it would give Remy a permanent home after he was removed from Chefs de France a couple of years ago.

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#ImagineerFriday – Pixar Place Expansion

Pixar Place #1

Today, we are expanding Pixar Place at Hollywood Studios as part of #ImagineeringFriday.  This is project that looks to be happening at Hollywood Studios in real life so this gives us a chance to develop the area as we would like to see it.  In the future, we should get the chance to see how close how version is to the Disney Imagineers version.


Toy Story Midway Mania and the Woody and Buzz meet and greet can NOT be removed as part of the expansion.

  • Must include three new attractions featuring Pixar movies
  • One new meet and greet featuring Pixar characters
  • A new table service restaurant
  • A new quick service restaurant


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