Mouse News and Notes

Disney has made a couple of announcements during the past week which will give guests more food options and park enhancements.

The first announcement was, well, two announcements but I’m lumping them into one news bite.  Disney Springs will have two new restaurants opening in 2015.  The first is The Boathouse.  The Boathouse is a nautical-themed restaurant that will feature three different bars: The Captain’s Raw Bar, The Admiral’s Club Bar, and The Dock Bar.  The Boathouse will be the launching point for boat-themed attractions which include a tour around the newly remodeled Disney Springs.  Menus have not been released for The Boathouse.  The restaurant is expected to open in Spring 2015.

The second restaurant will be brought to us by Masaharu Morimoto from the TV show Iron Chef.  This will be his fifth restaurant but his first feature Pan-Asian cuisine.  This two-story restaurant is taking the place of Mannequins Dance Palace and will be taste of cuisine from across Asia.  Morimoto Asia will be the name of the restaurant and they plan to open their doors in Summer 2015.

A new park enhancement has debuted in the Walt Disney World Parks.  Ride photos will now be automatically linked to a guest’s MagicBand and their My Disney Experience account under “My Photos.”  Walt Disney World is moving away from the video screens with the photo number and linking the photos to your account by meeting with a cast member and telling them your photo number.  Video Screens have already gone away at some attractions.

If you do not have a MagicBand, photos can be linked via a touch point by touching your park ticket or Memory Mark card to the photo.

I think this a great feature because takes away the “wait time” after the attraction.  I always seemed to get stuck behind the person who need to look at every photo on their account and take 20 minutes.  This eliminates that “wait time.”  Huge thumbs up from me.

That’s all the news I’ve got for today.  As always, you find me on Facebook by searching Dad For Disney or on Twitter @DadForDisney.  Thanks for reading!

Walt Disney World Golf Classic

Continuing with my theme from last week on Fastpass to History, I’m going to look at another sporting event that Walt Disney World used to host….the Walt Disney World Golf Classic.  This event ran for 40-plus years from the park’s opening in 1971 to 2012.  In fact, one could argue that the first “non-park related event” that Walt Disney World hosted was the 1971 Walt Disney World Invitational held December 2nd through December 5th, 1971.  This event was won by Jack Nicklaus, who then went on to win the 1972 and 1973 invitationals as well.

Jack Nicklaus

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When Will EPCOT Get It’s Update

Yesterday, I wrote about the changes coming to Hollywood Studios and closed the article with what new attractions/lands will be coming to the Walt Disney World theme parks.  One theme park was noticeably absent on that list….EPCOT.  There are some changes going on in and around the World Showcase (A Frozen Attraction for Maelstrom and changes to some shows).  But over in Future World, things lie stagnant.  Attractions have gone many years without being updated or revamped into something fresh.  Will EPCOT get some TLC once the changes have been completed at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios?  No one knows for sure and those completion dates are far into the future.  Today, let’s throw on our Imagineering hats and retool EPCOT.

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Addition by Subtraction at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is a park that is undergoing a lot of changes in the near and not so near future.  This is a good thing because, in my opinion, the park needs some breaths of fresh air to bring it up to par with the other Disney theme parks in Orlando.  This is a classic case of addition by subtraction where Disney is getting rid of some older attractions to make room for some new attractions which will, hopefully, drive foot traffic into the park.  It may be a tough go, for the short-term, but the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term losses.

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The Mickyard – Walt Disney World Speedway

The Walt Disney World Speedway is one of the few non-parks or resort locations that just about every guest passes on their way to the Magic Kingdom.  It takes a lot of space.  It took a decent amount of parking though that parking area is used on only the busiest of days.

Why was the Walt Disney World Speedway built?  Did any series any race at “The Mickyard?”  Why is still standing when other speedways have been torn down in the recent past?  Let’s take a look at the Walt Disney World Speedway.

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