Food and Wine Festival – Tips

I ran this post a couple of years ago when the blog was in its infancy.  Now, it’s due for an update.

Food and Wine Festival is a very popular, if not EPCOT’s most popular, event during the year.  How can the guest best enjoy the festival and spend all of their time waiting in line, not having food spills, and keeping the kids happy? Continue reading Food and Wine Festival – Tips

Dieting (or at least not gaining weight) at Disney

In December 2015, I went on the first major diet in my life.  My weight was finally reaching the point where it was starting to impact my daily life so both my wife and I decided to do something about it.  The diet consists of a lot of portion control and a slight increase in exercise.  Since December, I have lost 60 pounds and six inches off my waist.  This post is not to discuss the pros and cons of dieting and my success while on this diet.  It’s to discuss how to diet and go to Disney.  I have a work trip scheduled for September and a family vacation to Disney scheduled December.  These will be my first trips to Disney while on this diet.  So, what are some ways that you can diet (or at least not gain weight) while on a Disney vacation?

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The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound 2

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Yellow Loop. Today we are sharing movie night ideas based on Disney movies from the 80s.
One of my favorite Disney movies growing up was The Fox and the Hound.  In terms of Disney movies from childhood, The Fox and the Hound is second only behind The Rescuers.  In my opinion, it is a great movie that has stood the test of time which makes it perfect for an 80’s Disney Movie Night.

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Main Street Electrical Parade to End on October 9th

It was reported, last night, by along with other Disney news outlets that the Main Street Electrical Parade will be making its last run down Main Street at Walt Disney World on October 9th.  No word on what will be replacing the night-time parade at the Magic Kingdom.

A version of the Main Street Electrical Parade will be making a “limited-time appearance” at Disneyland starting on September 5th when Paint the Night parade ends it’s run there.  September 5th also marks the return of the original World of Color show at Disney’ California Adventure.  This will replace the current 60th anniversary show currently running.

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