Bon Voyage Breakfast Review

On my family’s most recent trip to Walt Disney World, my wife, her sister and niece dined at The Bon Voyage Breakfast hosted by Trattoria al Forno on Disney’s Boardwalk.  I was off with my daughter climbing the four mountains of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (that’s another blog post for another day).  My wife knew this was a new and unique experience for our family and took great pictures of her experience for use on the blog.

The morning started with my wife meeting her sister and niece at Magic Kingdom for the niece’s first haircut at The Main Street Barber Shop.  The barber shop was running ahead of schedule and a 9:30 am haircut turned into a 9:00 am haircut.  Still time was tight when the haircut was done to make the 10:30 am dining reservation at Trattoria.  Minnie Van to the rescue!  My wife pulled up the Minnie Van service in her Lyft app and a van arrived within 10 minutes which delighted the Minnie-loving niece.  The driver turned the car seat to rear-facing in less than two minutes and the party was on their way to Trattoria and made their reservation in plenty of time.

Trattoria, in contrast to the barber shop, was running behind on their reservations.  As a result, the party had to wait for their reservation.  They were still able to explore the Boardwalk area as the restaurant took my wife’s cell phone number and texted her when the table was ready.  This wasn’t the first time we experienced this change from pagers, which “chained” to the restaurant, to cell phone text which allows you to explore (something very important with a less than two-year old).  After a short wait, the table was ready.

The meal started with a basket of pastries to share and a choice of fruit salad or a berry, yogurt, and granola parfait.  The fruit salad was chosen because it would be “less messy” for the child to eat.  Since she was under two, she was not charged for the meal but could eat off one of the adult’s plates.

The pastries are tied to the characters who host the breakfast (Rapunzel and Ariel).  There is a Sun Cookie which looks like Rapunzel’s tower paintings.  A braided golden pastry which mimics Rapunzel’s hair.  A clam shell pastry from “under the sea” as well as a jeweled muffin.

The fruit salad isn’t as overtly themed as the basket of pastries but was reviewed as “very tasty.”

Before the meal started, the server went over the menu is great deal with my wife and her sister due to the niece’s nut allergy.  Informed them how the meals were prepared, what the best choices would be if they shared with her, what could be made instead.  The usual top-notch Disney service when it comes to handling people who have food allergies.

On the main course, Trattoria has an expansive entree menu for breakfast.  There were so many choices.  The entrees that they settled on were: King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno (pictured at the top) and the Tower of Pancakes.

King Triton’s Shipwreck is a breakfast calzone which has scrambled eggs, peppers, salami, bacon, sausage, and Italian cheeses.  It served with a side of Sunday gravy.  The calzone is held together by King Triton’s trident.  After the shipwreck is brought to the table, the trident is removed by the server to prevent the tridents from “growing legs and walking away.”

Inside King Triton’s Shipwreck

For my readers in the Chicago/South Bend, Indiana area, my wife described the taste like “eating a Barnaby’s pizza.”

Next up is the Tower of Pancakes.  When ordering the tower, guests receive a tower of three very fluffy pancakes which when put together form a perfect tower.

It also comes with a couple of slices of bacon and another sun painting (this time in powdered sugar) on top.  My wife asked the server how they were able to make so fluffy and the correct size so they could create a tower which did not fall over en route to the table.  The server told her that the cooks use a spring-form pan to ensure uniform size.  The depth of the pan allows the cooks to create pancakes which are deep and not the standard “silver-dollar” pancakes that you get at the local diner.

Enough with the food, let’s move on to the characters.  The breakfast has four characters: Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, Ariel, and Prince Eric.  Like most characters meals, the characters move throughout the dining room.  What put this meal over the top was the high level of character interaction.  Guests could participate in or get The Smolder from Flynn Rider.  Ask Ariel about her thing-a-bob’s.  Dream with Rapunzel.  The only thing missing is singing along with the characters from the Snuggly Duckling.

My wife and niece meeting Flynn Rider.

Ariel is excited to greet everyone at the table and get down their level to interact with them.  This is the excited face for the kiddo.  She enjoyed interacting with the characters.  She isn’t much of a talker but has excellent non-verbal communication skills and the characters were able to pick up on this quickly and interact with her on terms.

On the whole, I would highly recommend the Bon Voyage Breakfast.  It has fantastic unique twists on foods which match up with the characters at the breakfast.  The characters and their interactions are wonderful for guests of all ages.  It has a great location on Disney’s Boardwalk which makes it great starting point for a day at either EPCOT or Hollywood Studios.  Being a breakfast, it has a lower price point ($34 per adult and $20 per child aged 3-9) compared to character meals at lunch and dinner.  My family always tries to get late breakfasts when booking our character meals because the meal usually takes 60-90 minutes.  A late breakfast means you could get best of both worlds: the breakfast buffet menu as well as the lunch menu which allows you to really fuel up for your park day since you’ll be getting to the parks in the middle of the day when crowds are reaching their peaks.

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