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Emagine Movie Theaters – A Luxurious Viewing Experience

Over Easter weekend, I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the University of Michigan spring football game (GO BLUE!).  I did not drive back home until Monday because I did not want to get stuck trying to find places that would be open on Easter Sunday.  I figured it was much easier to stay in Ann Arbor for an extra night (college campus – diverse population – better chance to find things open).  My daughter and I had a lovely Easter Brunch at a local hotel and then that afternoon we went to the movies.  My family has a tradition of going to the movies on major holidays since they are usually less crowded.

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A May of Firsts

My next Disney trip is coming up in a few weeks (mid-May) thanks to a random day off in my child’s school calendar.  It’s going to be a trip of many firsts for our family.  A lot of the firsts are because we, typically, travel in the fall and not the spring.  It will give me a chance to experience some new things and give me a chance to blog about some new things at Disney as well.

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Surviving Walt Disney World with Younger Children

Walt Disney World is a big place.  It’s a lot of walking and hurrying to get from point A to point B and, also, a lot of waiting.  This is tough on adults but it’s also tough on the children in the parks as well.  Chances are there will be a meltdown in the parks from all the walking and waiting.  It happens to everybody.  What can you do to keep the meltdown at bay or avoid it altogether.

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Groundhog Day Attractions

With it being Groundhog Day today, I thought it would be fun to look at some Groundhog Day attractions at Walt Disney World.  This post will one attraction in each park that you want to ride over and over again and one attraction in each park where you only ride it once but it feels like you rode it over and over.

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Going on Safari!

One of my favorite attractions at Animal Kingdom is Kilimanjaro Safaris.  It allows guests to get up close but not too close to the animals.  It provides some shade while sitting down (my family always seems to go to Animal Kingdom on our vacation’s hottest day).  Lastly, it provides lots of great photo opportunities.

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