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What Was Learned at the D23 Parks Panel

Yesterday at D23, the Parks Panel presentation took place and A LOT of new information was dropped.  So much information that I have to break in down park by park and then what is going on outside the theme parks on the resort side.   Let’s dive in head first.

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Sitting By the Dock of The Bay Lake Tower

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Orange Loop. Today we are sharing our reviews of the deluxe villa resorts at Walt Disney World.

BLT Top of the World #2

Welcome to Bay Lake Tower: the only Deluxe Villa Resort where you can walk from the resort to the Magic Kingdom.  This fact is the top-selling point for this resort.  My family enjoys our Disney Vacation Club stays at Bay Lake Tower.  We can leave the resort at 30 minutes before rope drop at Magic Kingdom and arrive in plenty of time for the opening show.

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Monorail Loop or EPCOT Area Resort?

Walt Disney World has two major clusters of resorts: the monorail loop and the EPCOT area.  Both of these groups come with pros and cons.  Which is group is right for? Or do you fall into the third group – the value group?

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Should Disney Have a DVC “Stub-Hub-esque” System

Today’s blog post originated when a friend of me rented points, had a reservation through a third-party vendor, and then lost his reservation when Disney discovered that the member who sold his points to be rented was behind in his dues payments.  The third-party vendor washed his hands of the old reservation and offered my friend a new reservation by at an increased cost which my friend declined.  However, today’s post isn’t going to argue who was wrong and who was right in this situation but to discuss should Disney run their own “Stub Hub/Points Exchange” program instead of letting this service be run completely by third-party vendors.

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Top Non-Marquee Table Service Restaurants

Disney has a lot to offer the foodie in all of us.  There are a lot of really good restaurant.  But where should you look if all the top choices are taken?  What restaurants are out there that provide a good experience and have tables available on short notice or for larger groups?  Today’s article tries to answer those questions by focusing on the restaurants that are overlooked by a lot of travelers.  The restaurants are listed in no particular order and cover a wide range of cuisine and resort choices.

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