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End of March News Recap

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last couple of weeks, it was for good reason.  I, finally, moved into the new house!  Move in day was last Thursday and I spent the last couple weeks either packing, unpacking, or playing in City of Ottawa Bonspiel (though I didn’t win an event this year….only reached an event semifinal).  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  It has also been a busy couple of weeks for news coming out of Walt Disney World.  Let’s take a look at what has been announced.

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Monthly Roundup

I missed a couple of weekly updates so I’ve put everything from the month of June into one big monthly roundup.

We started the month with our Imagineering hat on and came up with some upgrades to Future World.

June needs a calendar picture so we have one of those too.

There are lots of boat rides at Walt Disney World.  So, we came up with a Top 5 Thursday for boat rides.

We looked to the future with a December 2015 Planning Guide.

We upgraded EPCOT some more with an upgrade to The Liberty Inn.

More pictures with the everyday modes of transportation at Walt Disney World.

Disney announced the details for Frozen Ever After – The Attraction.

The Washington Post wrote a poor written article about Disney no longer affordable for the middle class.  We responded with a very strong rebuttal to the article’s claims.

We investigated if Disney should establish a “Stub-Hub” type system for Disney Vacation Club rentals.

Everybody took a ride on the Magical Blogorail Orange and had a breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.

After Inside Out, we ranked our top five Pixar movies.

The month closed with a trip to Ottawa to see the Women’s World Cup.

I’ve got another month filled with fun and thought-provoking articles.  Tell your friends and family about the goes on here.

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Weekly Update – May 31, 2015

Festival of Fantasy #23

Another week as come and come on the Dad For Disney blog so that must mean it’s time for another weekly update.  This update will include last week’s articles as well since there was no update last week.

The update starts with some news about a Disney Vacation Club expansion coming to Wilderness Lodge.

We find out where the tracks lead on a Wordless Wednesday.

Then a lot of words are used during a debate over what could happen to Star Wars Weekends if a Star Wars Land comes to Hollywood Studios.

Find out what some of the top “non-marquee” restaurants are at Walt Disney World.

See what Disney songs come out of your memories during a Music and Memories Wordless Wednesday.

Hop on the Magical Blogorail Orange Loop as it takes a tour of the best Disney resorts for couples.

Learn my strong opinion on dynamic/tiered pricing as it relates to Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

See what is going on in the world of refillable mugs at the Walt Disney World Resorts.

Weekly Update – May 17, 2015

November 2014 Trip #2

Welcome to the end of another week with Dad For Disney, it was another magical week with discussion of a wide variety of Disney topics.

The week opened with a discussion of whether Walt Disney Corp. should add a free/included in price Magical Express service to Disneyland like they have Walt Disney World.

A November 2015 Travel Guide for Walt Disney World

We took in the Festival of Fantasy Parade on Wordless Wednesday.

The top 5 thrill attractions at Walt Disney World were talked about on Top 5 Thursday.

We closed the week on a snack tour of Magic Kingdom.  YUM!

See you tomorrow with another week of Disney discussion.

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Weekly Recap – May 10, 2015


Week one of year two was a fun week for the Dad For Disney blog covering a wide variety of topics.  One of things, I am going to be doing, this year, is put together month-by-month planning guides (what’s going on the park, how crowded the park will be, what attractions are down for refurbishment, etc.).  Hopefully, you guys will find this information helpful when planning your Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation.  Now, on to the weekly recap:

The week started by celebrating the first birthday/anniversary for the Dad For Disney blog.

Celebrations continued with a Cinco de Mayo celebration on Tuesday.

Wordless Wednesday carried us into the month of May with a “calendar shot” for the month.

A list of frozen treats was part of a Top 5 Thursday.

We paid tribute to the mothers who time, in their Disney movie, was far too short.

That’s all for this week.  We have another fun week of articles and discussion on tap for the coming week.

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