Monthly Roundup

I missed a couple of weekly updates so I’ve put everything from the month of June into one big monthly roundup.

We started the month with our Imagineering hat on and came up with some upgrades to Future World.

June needs a calendar picture so we have one of those too.

There are lots of boat rides at Walt Disney World.  So, we came up with a Top 5 Thursday for boat rides.

We looked to the future with a December 2015 Planning Guide.

We upgraded EPCOT some more with an upgrade to The Liberty Inn.

More pictures with the everyday modes of transportation at Walt Disney World.

Disney announced the details for Frozen Ever After – The Attraction.

The Washington Post wrote a poor written article about Disney no longer affordable for the middle class.  We responded with a very strong rebuttal to the article’s claims.

We investigated if Disney should establish a “Stub-Hub” type system for Disney Vacation Club rentals.

Everybody took a ride on the Magical Blogorail Orange and had a breakfast at Chef Mickey’s.

After Inside Out, we ranked our top five Pixar movies.

The month closed with a trip to Ottawa to see the Women’s World Cup.

I’ve got another month filled with fun and thought-provoking articles.  Tell your friends and family about the goes on here.

Thanks for reading!

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