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Animation Monday: Home on the Range

What do you get when you combine a big-name cast, lots of story artists, production delays, and a poorly put together plot?  You get this week’s Animation Monday movie: Home on the Range.  This movie was heavy with name actors (Rosanne Barr, Dame Judi Dench, Jennifer Tilly, Cuba Gooding Jr., Steve Buscemi, and Patrick Warburton).  Continue reading Animation Monday: Home on the Range

Animation Monday: Bambi

Packed up….moved into a house….it’s time to return to Animation Monday.  We left off at one of the classic Disney movies of all time….Bambi.  This is was movie that almost never became a Disney movie.  MGM held the rights to Bambi for over five years with the intention to make a live-action version of the story.  However, they could never make it work and eventually sold the movie rights to Walt Disney in 1937. Continue reading Animation Monday: Bambi

Animation Monday: Zootopia

We move away from the past and flash to the present with Disney’s latest animated movie, Zootopia.  This critically-acclaimed film is tearing up the box-office with a $73.7 million opening weekend.

It is a very funny movie for both kids and adults.  The themes of the movie are complex but explained in a manner that kids, of all ages, can understand them.  But, at least for my family, Zootopia is an important movie because it is the first Disney movie where a rabbit gets to play a starring role.

Thumper and Miss Bunny #1

My daughter is a massive rabbit fan (she even hopped to meet Thumper and Miss Bunny when she met them a few years ago).  She has been looking forward to this movie for months.  Judy Hopps may have moved to the top of her list of favorite Disney characters.  Judy is a young, energetic, and full of determination.  A role bunny for children to look up to.  Ginnifer Goodwin brought that energy to Judy throughout the entire picture.

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Animation Monday: Beauty and the Beast

Welcome back to Animation Monday.  This week’s feature film is the Academy Award winning Beauty and the Beast.  This film won for both Best Original Score and Best Song.  In fact, Beauty and the Beast had three of the five nominations for Best Song.  The title track Beauty and the Beast was nominated along with Be Our Guest and Belle.

Celine Dion almost did not sing the title track for Disney.  She had recently been fired from the American Tail soundtrack and was hesitant to perform for another animated feature.

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Animation Monday: Fantasia 2000

Welcome back to Animation Monday.  Today, we look at the sequel to 1940’s Fantasia….Fantasia 2000.  The Fantasia movies are unique in the world of Disney animation.  They are entirely musical, most specifically, symphonic musicals which are a tough sell to movie goers.  On the flip side, they are the only Disney movies to predominately feature Mickey Mouse so this should increase their popularity.  What both Fantasia movies have in common is they marked periods of decline for Walt Disney Animation at the box office.  The original Fantasia had to work against World War 2 and it’s innovative Fantasound system which had to be installed before viewing.  Fantasia 2000 was the first animated feature to be released in IMAX but this wasn’t enough to stem the tide against the movement toward computer animation.  At the box office, Fantasia 2000 was a flop.

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