Weekly Recap – May 10, 2015


Week one of year two was a fun week for the Dad For Disney blog covering a wide variety of topics.  One of things, I am going to be doing, this year, is put together month-by-month planning guides (what’s going on the park, how crowded the park will be, what attractions are down for refurbishment, etc.).  Hopefully, you guys will find this information helpful when planning your Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation.  Now, on to the weekly recap:

The week started by celebrating the first birthday/anniversary for the Dad For Disney blog.

Celebrations continued with a Cinco de Mayo celebration on Tuesday.

Wordless Wednesday carried us into the month of May with a “calendar shot” for the month.

A list of frozen treats was part of a Top 5 Thursday.

We paid tribute to the mothers who time, in their Disney movie, was far too short.

That’s all for this week.  We have another fun week of articles and discussion on tap for the coming week.

Thanks for reading!