Magic Kingdom Loop on $40 a Day

Last month, I played this game eating around EPCOT for only $40 a day.  Tonight, I’m playing the game again….this time I’m challenging guests to eat around the Magic Kingdom Loop on $40 in a day.  The goal of this game is to show how people can eat at Disney World without breaking the bank. Here are the rules:

  • You must eat one snack (beer is not a snack – sorry Enchanted TikiTalk Podcast), one quick service meal, and one table service meal.  They do not need to be breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • You can not use any DVC, Annual Pass, or Tables in Wonderland discounts.
  • You can not split a plate with a family member or friend.
  • Your total tab must be less than $40.  Included in the $40 is an 18% gratuity at the table service meal.  Tax, on the other hand, does not need to be included.
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Any restaurant on the Magic Kingdom Monorail Loop is eligible.  This includes The Contemporary, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and the Magic Kingdom.  Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness are not eligible.

There are a lot of restaurants that you can choose from.  Do you start your day with breakfast at ‘Ohana?  Grab lunch at Be Our Guest?  Maybe a turkey leg or a stop for a hot dog at Casey’s?  Perhaps grabbing dinner at the Contempo Cafe and watch the monorail go by?  Don’t forget the Grand Floridian.  Lots of quick service and table service restaurants there too.  So many choices.  What do you choose?  Here’s my choices:

Snack: Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake from Be Our Guest – $4.19

Quick Service: Turkey Leg and Sprite from the Frontierland Turkey Cart – $13 ($17.19 running total)

Table Service: Grand Sandwich and a Sprite from The Grand Floridian Cafe – $17.48 + $3.15 tax = $20.63 total ($37.82 running total)

I came in $2.18 under budget.  If I didn’t have to include tax, I could have gotten a dessert at The Grand Floridian Cafe as well.  I expect that these meals would be very filling and get me through a day at the parks.  Take a couple of minutes and play the game yourself.  Below are is a link to the menu to help you out with pricing.


Have fun and thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Loop on $40 a Day”

  1. I’ll play.

    Snack- Cinnamon roll at Gaston’s $3.99

    QS Lunch- Lobster Roll at Columbia Harbor House $10.49 and a water (free)

    TS Dinner- Grilled Reuben with fries, and an iced tea ($14.98 + $2.70 gratuity) = $17.68

    And I get a bonus snack – Dole Whip for $3.79

    For a total of $35.95. I saved $4.05. I may even change that water for a large soda or tea.

    That was fun. See, you can save money at Disney. It is all about choices.

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