Characters From the Past – Orangebird

In this week’s Fastpass to History, hosted by the Frontierland Station Blog, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite Disney characters from the past.  This character was one of the original characters present at Walt Disney World on opening day but went on a long hiatus a few years later.  I’m talking about the one and only….ORANGEBIRD!

photo courtesy of Disney vinyl mania
photo courtesy of Disney vinyl mania

Orangebird never starred in any Disney movies nor did it appear in any Wonderful World of Disney shows.  Orangebird wasn’t even created by Disney.  It was created by the Florida Citrus Commission who sponsored the Tropical Serenade attraction when the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.  The adorable little bird appeared in two TV ads and had one album which was narrated by Anita Bryant who told the character’s story.  Orangebird communicated only through thought bubbles.

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Do the EPCOT Movies Need a Reboot?

Today’s article is inspired by follower who commented that the movie in Canada needed a reboot when I wrote about it earlier this month. I started thinking about the movies in the France, China, and Norway pavilions.  How dated are these movies?  I have seen the movies in France and Norway.  I haven’t made it back to the movie in China so I’ll be talking about that one in more general terms.  I’ll go through each pavilion’s movie and then talk about them as a group.  Grab your popcorn and sit back as we explore the movies of the World Showcase.

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