Top 5 Attractions at Hollywood Studios (For non-Thrill Riders)

One of things that my family loves about Walt Disney World is a lot of the rides are not thrill rides so all families can enjoy them as a family.  My wife is not a thrill ride person.  The biggest thrill ride that she goes is Test Track because she has convinced herself that she’s in a convertible going down the highway.  However, most of the other thrill rides, she will not go on them.  One of the parks where we can enjoy a lot of attractions, as a family, is Hollywood Studios.  Hollywood Studios has a lot of shows and slow-moving attractions that we can enjoy together.  Here’s my top-five list of Hollywood Studios attractions for those that don’t like thrill rides.  Sorry Star Tours, Tower of Terror, and Rock n Rollin Coaster.

photo courtesy of wikipedia
photo courtesy of wikipedia

5. The Great Movie Ride

My family probably went on this attraction a couple of years too soon.  This attraction scared my daughter a lot.  She was six or seven years old at the time and the Cast Member said she would be okay on the attraction so we went on.  The peril aspect of the attraction and the simulated gun shots scared her.  I took us two snack credits worth of popcorn (her favorite comfort food) to calm her down.

That said, it is a very good attraction.  It’s a relaxing 20-minute tour through the history of movies which can be very important especially in the summer when you want to get out of the mid-day sun.  The ride could use some updating with some more recently released films.  On the whole, if you are looking for a 20-minute overview of the history of American films, it is a very good attraction.

photo courtesy of mouseplanet
photo courtesy of mouseplanet

4. Voyage of the Little Mermaid

This is a very popular show with both kids and adults.  However, this popularity moves it down on the list because it usually has a very long wait or, in the past, guests could get a Fastpass for a show usually 4-6 hours in the future.  There were a couple of times that the Fastpass return interfered with our plans so we skipped the attraction altogether.

Once you are in the show, it is a great retelling of the story of The Little Mermaid.  The story is retold using both puppets, live action characters, and brief clips from the movie.  It’s a short show at 17 minutes but again it’s 17 minutes not in the sun during the summer.  You’ll notice that I’m not a fan of being outside in the heat of the day during the summer.  I’m not a fan of heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke so I look for things to avoid that.  Hydration can only do so much.

photo courtesy of kippel
photo courtesy of kippel

3. Muppetvision 3D

My family enjoys this attraction.  Both my wife and daughter are big fans of the Muppets.  My wife enjoys the 70’s era of the Muppets with the Muppet Show and the older movies.  My daughter enjoys the new movies that been released in the past couple years.

This attraction is geared more toward the 70’s era of the Muppets.  It feels like a shortened episode of the Muppet Show which was one of my favorite shows as a child.  The attraction allows my wife and I to show our daughter what made us fans of the Muppets.  It’s filled with Muppets-style 3D gags and ends with Sam the Eagle’s Salute to All Nations but mostly America which makes all of us laugh.  We never experienced a wait to get into this show besides waiting a few minutes in the waiting area for the previous show to end.  It’s this lack of wait time which moves it ahead of Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

photo courtesy of theme park insider
photo courtesy of theme park insider

2. One Man’s Dream

A show that tells the story of Walt Disney life has to be close to the top of the list.  Without Walt Disney, there would probably be no Disneyland, Walt Disney World, etc.  This attraction shows Walt’s vision as child to a young adult and then put the pieces together to create what we see today.

A blogging friend of mine, Lisa Green at Living a Disney Life, just wrote an excellent recap of the attraction.  The link to her review of the attraction can be found by clicking on Living a Disney Life.  It is worth the read and does an excellent job of recap the film and the attraction.

photo courtesy of wikipedia
photo courtesy of wikipedia

1. Toy Story Midway Mania

Finally, a ride and not a show.  Well, Hollywood Studios is filled with shows and thrill-type rides.  This is one ride that the whole family can enjoy even with the mild spinning from the ride car.  Since there is a score involved in this attraction, it turns into a battle royale amongst my family as to who can get the highest score.  For awhile, my wife would get the high score since I was riding with my daughter and had to teach her how to use the shooter.  Now that she is bigger and knows what she is doing, her and I battle for the high score.

It’s a very fun game that takes you through the main characters of Toy Story.  The queue is themed very well.  We usually got Fastpasses for this attraction and will need to get Fastpass+ reservations for upcoming trips.  One trip, we got to Hollywood Studios when the park opened and got into the standby queue because the line was not out the door yet.  We did this so we could finally experience the standby queue since we were always in the Fastpass line and by-passed this area.  This attraction is always a must-do for us.

Honorable Mention: Disney Junior Live of Stage (too loud), Indiana Jones (outside can be too hot in summer), Lights, Motors, Action! (again outside can be too hot).

I hope you enjoyed reading this list of my top five attractions at Hollywood Studios for those that don’t like thrill rides.

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