Top of the World Lounge – Wordless Wednesday

This week’s topic for Wordless Wednesday is Views.  As a Disney Vacation Club member, I have access to the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Tower.  It is a great place to go watch Wishes after a day in the parks.  You get a great view of the fireworks and you are far enough way that you don’t hear the loud firework “BOOM!”  The last time, my family and I watched from there was back in November 2012 and my wife was able to get some great pictures.  I’m not the best with Photoshop/MS Paint so this is the best montage I could create with the pictures she took.

Top of the World Lounge - November 2012

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Focused on the Magic

All About Thumper

Thumper is one of my favorite Disney characters.  This adorable little rabbit made his debut in Bambi as a little ball of excitement, wonder, and, at times, mischief.  Originally, Thumper was to only have a minor role in Bambi.  After Disney cast young voice-actor Peter Behn, who was only four years old, Thumper took on a prominent role in the movie.

Thumper, in the 21st century, became the centerpiece of a series of books under the Disney Bunnies.  These books were I Love You, My Bunnies, Thumper Counts to Ten, and Goodnight Thumper.  My daughter had a copy of all of these books.

I want to spend a some time discussing why I like Thumper, who in my opinion, is one of Disney’s best supporting characters.

Thumper #5

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