Illuminations: Reflections of Earth – Disney Music Monday

Walt Disney World experimented with many different night-time shows at EPCOT.  The first was Carnival de Lumiere which was sponsored by Apple and ran from October 1982 until the summer of 1983.  The major downside to this show was it could only be viewed between the Canada and Mexico pavilions.  The next show was A New World Fantasy.  This show, too, had a short run from summer of 1983 until late spring of 1984 before it was replaced by Laserphonic Fantasy.  Laserphonic used most of the same music as A New World Fantasy.  This show ran until 1988.

photo courtesy of Disney Parks Info
photo courtesy of Disney Parks Info

Laserphonic Fantasy was replaced by the first version of Illuminations.  Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is the fourth version of Illuminations to be shown in EPCOT.  I am not a big fireworks person so I usually don’t stay too close to the presentation.  However, I try to stay close enough where I can listen to the music.  If that’s not possible and I need an Illuminations fix, thankfully, there is YouTube videos of the show which can be seen below.

Thanks for taking the time to join me and my friends Mike, from My Dreams of Disney, and Kimberly, from Frontierland Station, as we bring to you another Disney Music Monday.

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Disney Music Monday #1

The 21st Century Disney Princess

After watching the some of the newer princess movies on Disney Channel as part of their Princess Weekend, Disney, in the 21st Century, has tried to change the image of the Disney Princess.  They are no longer a girl who looks to find that one true love and think that true love is going to save them from all their problems.  They are more progressive, active, and, most importantly, don’t a man to save them from their problems.  They can save themselves.

The 21st Century has seen four new princesses come to life: Princess Tiana (Princess and the Frog), Princess Rapunzel (Tangled), Princess Merida (Brave), and Princess Anna (Frozen).  All of them have strong personalities and willing to fight for themselves instead having someone else fight for them.  Let’s meet these five 21st Century Princesses:

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