Hidden Fantasy in Fantasyland

Welcome to this month’s Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are taking a tour of the lands at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park.

This post will explore the hidden wonder and fantasy that can be found in Fantasyland. Fantasyland has recently wrapped up its expansion with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Be Our Guest Restaurant, Under the Sea, and Enchanted Tales with Belle joining the Fantasyland lineup. This expansion took over what was Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

There is lots to see and do in this vast land.  Guests can easily spend a morning and afternoon in just Fantasyland.  I know during my daughter’s first trip we did not leave Fantasyland or Tomorrowland.  Half the park went unexplored.  But what is some of the hidden magic in this great land of Walt Disney World.

1) Hidden Treasures in the Sidewalks

These effects are best seen in the walk down from Under the Sea to the relocated Dumbo attraction.  Take a look beneath your feet and you will watch the sidewalk transform from the seashells and whoisits and whatsits in the concrete near Under the Sea to peanut shells (not real peanut shells) near Dumbo.  It’s a fun little touch that I think does a great job connecting the two areas of Fantasyland.

Fantasyland 1

2) Enchanted Tales with Belle is a hidden gem attraction

On the last day of my most recent visit to Walt Disney World, my daughter and I barnstormed through Fantasyland.  One of our last stops was our first visit to Enchanted Tales with Belle.  I was blown away with the amount of detail that went into this attraction.  From the inner workings of the workshop to the library, everything is very well.  I love the fact that every child in the group gets to play a part in the show no matter how small that part may be.  Everyone is included.  A great attraction – be sure to get there early to reduce waittimes.

3) Don’t Forget about It’s a Small World and Mickey’s Philharmagic

Fantasyland is so big and everyone focuses on the big name attractions like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Dumbo, and Princess Fairytale Hall.  It’s easy to forget about some of the original attractions like It’s a Small World and the theater which is currently showing Mickey’s Phiharmagic.  These are great attractions which usually don’t have long wait times and they are attractions which should be everyone’s must do list.

It's A Small World #1

4) It’s a Great Place to Meet Rare Characters during Parties

Fantasyland is a fun place to visit during the Halloween and Christmas Parties.  Guests have the chance to meet some rare characters.  During these events, I have had the chance to meet both the Seven Dwarfs and Scrooge McDuck.  These meet-and-greets are on top of all the great attractions that already part of Fantasyland.

Fantasyland 2

5) Don’t Forget the Food

Fantasyland has some great food options.  Lots of little snack shacks like Cheshire Cupcake Stand.  Quick service options like Gaston’s Tavern and finally the marquee quick service and table service location of Be Our Guest.  My favorite snack is the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s Tavern.  I prefer the quick service at Be Our Guest and most specifically the braised pork platter.  Table service at Be Our Guest is very good.  I just happen to like the quick service better.

Braised pork plate at Be Our Guest
Braised pork plate at Be Our Guest


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14 thoughts on “Hidden Fantasy in Fantasyland”

  1. Great post, Tim! I still love the old classic Fantasyland attractions – like It’s a Small World! But, I love the new expansion and all the great additions and updates. I love that Dumbo is dueling now – you actually have a chance to ride without HUGE wait times! And I have to agree with you on lunch at Be Our Guest. I’ve not done dinner simply because the menu has no appeal to me (so it never makes sense to me all the people who fight for those reservations!)

  2. This is one Land where you can really just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere, even if you don’t ride anything or see a show. It is so heavily themed! Nice post, Tim!

  3. Great post Tim! I wasn’t sure I would like the removal of Mickey’s Toontown Fair, but Disney did such a phenomenal job with the expansion that they more than made up for it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m always skeptical of new projects, but everything from the bathrooms to the castle walls were done so well, it makes me cry just thinking about it. When a park is 45 years old, it’s hard to make new parts fit in, but New fantasyland does seamlessly. Also, hear hear on Mickey’s Philharmagic and IASM!

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