Kill, Refurb, Marry Blog Hop – Food & Wine Edition

Today, I’m participating in a blog hop run by Mouse on the Mind and The Happy Place Blog.  They have a monthly blog hop called Kill, Refurb, and Marry.  They choose a Walt Disney World topic where participants choose something to kill (get rid of completely), refurb (fix up in someway), or marry (enjoy completely).  With the Food and Wine Festival going on all of October, this month’s topic is booth menus at the Food and Wine Festival.  I spent some time over the summer ranking the menus at the Food and Wine Festival which I’m using as a basis for this article.  So, here we go!

KILL: Singapore

photo courtesy of Dining at Disney
photo courtesy of Dining at Disney

I’m sorry.  I can’t find one item on the menu which appeals to me.  That’s not to say it doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Plus, Disney already has China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore at the festival.  There are under-served areas of the world namely the Caribbean, India, and Northern Africa.  It’s just a booth where I’ll stop to take a picture of the menu and move along to the next stop.


Disney does an excellent job of trying to get a taste of America with a variety of booths through the festival.  There is Farm Fresh, Hawai’i, Hops and Barley, and others.  But Fife and Drum gets neglected by the Food and Wine Festival organizers.  There is only two things on the Fife & Drum menu: an ice cream sundae and Pale Ale Beer.  There is so much more that Disney/Food and Wine Festival people could do with this booth.  It could be a New England Lobster Roll stand.  It could be a Southern BBQ stand with all the different varieties of BBQ across the USA.  Carolina BBQ is different from Kansas City BBQ which is different from Texas Style BBQ.

photo courtesy of Blue Ribbon BBQ
photo courtesy of Blue Ribbon BBQ


2013 Belgium Menu
2013 Belgium Menu

I could live at the Belgium booth.  The menu is highlighted by three very filling waffles: A potato leek waffle, a waffle topped with chocolate, and a waffle topped with berry.  The chocolate and berry waffles come topped with whipped cream.  It’s waffle heaven.  On top of the waffles, there are three different beers, a cider, and a beer flight.  Five more reasons not to leave.  It’s a great marriage of two things that Belgium does best: waffles and beer.  For those reasons, I could go the Belgium booth and never want to leave.

Those are my choices.  What are yours?  Feel free to share with a comment on the blog, or on the Facebook group, or on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!


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