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Top 5 Thrill Attractions at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney, when designing Disneyland, wanted to create a theme park where families could enjoy attractions as a family.  As a result, there were not a lot of what we consider thrill rides when Disneyland opened.  This concept could be seen in the Magic Kingdom when it first opened as well.  As time moved out, Walt Disney World and Disneyland started to add more and more thrill attractions.  There are still plenty of family attractions at both parks.  Today, we are going to countdown the top five thrill attractions at Walt Disney World.

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Walt Disney and the Olympic Games

Walt Disney’s impact is still felt everyday at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  His impact can still be felt at the World’s Fair.  Another place where his impact is still lasting is the Winter and Summer Olympics.  From the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896 to the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies were events without a lot of fanfare.  Walt’s impact was first felt in the 1960 Winter Olympics held in Squaw Valley, California.  The tiny town was awarded the games in 1955 in a time when it had no mayor, a small lodge, and only three ski lifts (one chair and two tow lifts).  Walt also had an interest in the area for his potential ski resort but at Squaw Valley itself.  As a result, Walt was approached to be the Chair of the Pageantry Committee for the 1960 Winter Games.

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#ImagineeringFriday – New Country in EPCOT

Imagineering Friday #1

It has been over 26 years since the World Showcase has had a new country make its debut.  The “newest” country is Norway which debuted in 1988.  There are ample places for new countries to enter the World Showcase but for a variety of reasons; no new countries have entered the World Showcase lineup.  Well as part of today’s #ImagineeringFriday that all changes.  There are no more sponsorship hang-ups, political conflicts, etc.  Here are the rules for today’s #ImagineeringFriday:

  • Can be any country which is not currently represented in the World Showcase
  • Must include an attraction
  • Must include a quick-service restaurant
  • Must include a table-service restaurant (your choice on whether or not this is a character dining experience)

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Re-Imagine, Refurb, or Leave Alone

Today, I’m introducing a new game to the blog.  It’s a twist on the game of Fast Pass, Just Pass, or Stand-by that I played with the Enchanted TikiTalk Podcast last week.  I’m calling my version: Re-imagine, Refurb, or Leave Alone.  Re-imagine is where you completely change the attraction.  Refurb is where you keep the attraction basically the same but find a way to bring the ride more up to date.  Leave Alone is self-explanatory.  You just leave the attraction as it is.  I will give you three choices per park and you choose one attraction to re-imagine, one to refurb, and one to leave alone.  Let’s play the feu…..Re-imagine, Refurb on Leave Alone.

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