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What I am Looking Forward to Next Week

Later this week, I will be heading down to Walt Disney World for a nice long eight-day vacation in the world.  My  wife and I have been planning this trip for over a year.  Today, I am posting some of the Florida/Walt Disney World related things that I am looking forward to during this vacation.

1. Warmer Weather

Those of us in the upstate NY area got to wake up to an inch of slushy/starting to melt snow.  Nothing gets me down more than snow and snow in November is not something I like seeing.  So, I decided to look at the weather for later in the week for Orlando.  Friday’s forecast: Partly Sunny and 74 degrees.  Temperatures early next week get into the mid 80’s.  I can live with one day of crappy weather knowing I’ll be in the warmth soon.

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Walt Disney World Golf Classic

Continuing with my theme from last week on Fastpass to History, I’m going to look at another sporting event that Walt Disney World used to host….the Walt Disney World Golf Classic.  This event ran for 40-plus years from the park’s opening in 1971 to 2012.  In fact, one could argue that the first “non-park related event” that Walt Disney World hosted was the 1971 Walt Disney World Invitational held December 2nd through December 5th, 1971.  This event was won by Jack Nicklaus, who then went on to win the 1972 and 1973 invitationals as well.

Jack Nicklaus

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