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World of Motion

World of Motion is the focus of today’s Fastpass to History.  This attraction was one of the original Future World attractions.  It had a great 13-year run before it was closed for over two years.  During this period, it was completely redesigned and turned into Test Track.

General Motors has always been the sponsor of this attraction and its flagging sales in the mid-90’s was the cause of the redesign from World of Motion to Test Track.  General Motors wanted an attraction that focus solely on cars and Disney Imagineers worked with them to design Test Track.

But that is the future, this post is about the time when Test Track was World of Motion.  This attraction was a lot like Spaceship Earth – a long duration Omnimover attraction.  From start to finish, the attraction took around 15 minutes.

The attraction started with the early history of travel starting with, of course, your feet before moving on to rafts, animal power, and the chariot.

World of Motion #1


The attraction continued into the role of Leonardo di Vinci and flight.  Then dove into the role of steam power up and down the Mississippi River before putting you in the middle of the world’s first “traffic jam.”  The attraction closed with the future of travel and transformed your Omnimover into a simulated car of tomorrow as you entered the CenterCore (city of the future).

World of Motion #2

The car, to me, looks like a larger version of the Tron Cycles.

Tron Cycle

That is today’s Fastpass to History look at World of Motion.  Do any of our readers remember going on this original EPCOT Center attraction.

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1984 Park and Dining Tips

Yesterday, I wrote about the busing system at Walt Disney World in 1984.  Today, I’m moving on to the park and  in-park dining tips in 1984 as provided by Walt Disney World in the welcome packet.  Again, thanks to my dad for unearthing this great source of historical information about Walt Disney World.  Both topics were very different in 1984 compared to today.  This is mainly due to the scope of the Walt Disney World resort having only a handful of hotels and two theme parks.  With that, let’s dive into the topic of park and dining tips from 1984.

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