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Big Disney News Announcements – Week of Feb. 19

This week was full of big news announcements.  Just about every day, there was another big announcement coming out of Disney headquarters.  Today, we were going to take a look at those announcements and see what those announcements will mean for Walt Disney World in the coming months and years.

Monday: Frozen Ever After Delayed to Summer 2016

Tuesday: New Stage Show Announced for Magic Kingdom

Wednesday: New Character Experiences to Hollywood Studios

Thursday: EPCOT Food and Wine Festival Dates Announced

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Adventures in Disneyland – Day 1 Part 1

Like most our trips to Walt Disney World, our trip to Disneyland started in the early hours of Monday morning.  Though we live only a short drive away from the Albany Airport, we rarely fly out of there due to the high ticket costs.  Fortunately, Albany is near many major airports so we have plenty of choices to shop around for airfare.  This time, Newark came up as the fare winner and luckily for us, I have friends who live near the Newark Airport and they were willing to drop us off and pick us up from the airport.  A nice savings from having to spent a night in an airport hotel and then spend more money to park the car.

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