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Animation Monday: Make Mine Music

Disney has a lot of animated movies and shorts out there.  The first volume of Animation Monday is going to focus on the films relased by Walt Disney Animation Studios.  By the time, I’ve gone through all of them, there will be 56 films in total.  Currently, there are 54 films but Zootopia and Moana will release during the series.  I went into a random number generator to determine the order that I will review the films.  There are some great runs of Disney movies and some dry spells and I wanted to break those up.  I will attempt to watch the films before review but some of the films are hard to find even on the Disney Movies Anywhere app.  Today, we start with the 8th movie released by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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Top 5 Pixar Movies

Pixar has released some very successful movie in its brief movie tenure.  There have been “duds” in there too (looking at you, Cars 2).  But, today, we are going to focus on the successful ones.  Pixar is coming off another smash hit with Inside Out.  Where does the movie rank among the all of the Pixar movies?  These are just my unofficial rankings.  Your rankings may differ.  See my rankings after the jump.

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Weekly Roundup – April 18

Another week at Dad For Disney has come and going and for the first time in a long time, there was a new article everyday.  Spend some time, this weekend, catching up on what you may have missed.

We started the week looking at some ways Disneyland is “better” than Walt Disney World.

We took a swim in some of the best pools at Walt Disney World.

Saw some signs on another edition of Wordless Wednesday.

We went over to EPCOT and grabbed a snack at L’Artisan des Glaces.

The news wire rolled with some updates from the world.

Finally, we grabbed some popcorn and took in some of the forgotten Disney movies of the 1980’s.

I will be back, next week, with another full slate of articles from the world of Disney.

Thanks for reading!