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Turning EPCOP into EPCOT Again

It was announced, last week, that EPCOT will be getting a facelift.  It is rumored that the majority of this facelift will be occurring in Future World and hopefully turning the Experimental Prototype Community of the Past (EPCOP) back into the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT)  I talked about this topic some time ago when attempting to fleshing out Walt Disney World’s long-range plan leading up to the 50th anniversary in 2021 (less than five years away).  Today, I’ll attempt to figure out what is safe, what will get “a new coat of paint”,  and what is “on the chopping block.”

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Upgrading Future World

Spaceship Earth

A lot of the Walt Disney World parks have either undergone expansions, currently undergoing expansion or rumored to be expanded.  The one park that is always lost in the shuffle is EPCOT.  Magic Kingdom has its New Fantasyland, Animal Kingdom will have it’s Avatarland, Hollywood Studios potentially could have a Star Wars and/or Pixar Place expansion.  But over at EPCOT, nothing.  Future World is slowly evolving into “the Past thoughts of Future” World.  With the park’s 40th anniversary and Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary coming up in a few short years, here are some ways that EPCOT’s future world can be brought Back to the Future.

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When Will EPCOT Get It’s Update

Yesterday, I wrote about the changes coming to Hollywood Studios and closed the article with what new attractions/lands will be coming to the Walt Disney World theme parks.  One theme park was noticeably absent on that list….EPCOT.  There are some changes going on in and around the World Showcase (A Frozen Attraction for Maelstrom and changes to some shows).  But over in Future World, things lie stagnant.  Attractions have gone many years without being updated or revamped into something fresh.  Will EPCOT get some TLC once the changes have been completed at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios?  No one knows for sure and those completion dates are far into the future.  Today, let’s throw on our Imagineering hats and retool EPCOT.

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