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Animation Monday: Fantasia 2000

Welcome back to Animation Monday.  Today, we look at the sequel to 1940’s Fantasia….Fantasia 2000.  The Fantasia movies are unique in the world of Disney animation.  They are entirely musical, most specifically, symphonic musicals which are a tough sell to movie goers.  On the flip side, they are the only Disney movies to predominately feature Mickey Mouse so this should increase their popularity.  What both Fantasia movies have in common is they marked periods of decline for Walt Disney Animation at the box office.  The original Fantasia had to work against World War 2 and it’s innovative Fantasound system which had to be installed before viewing.  Fantasia 2000 was the first animated feature to be released in IMAX but this wasn’t enough to stem the tide against the movement toward computer animation.  At the box office, Fantasia 2000 was a flop.

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