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Special Events and Walt Disney World – The Future

Last year, Walt Disney World rolled out a lot of special events to its special event lineup.  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas are the tent-poles of the Walt Disney World Special Events.  Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park open for 24 straight hours during Memorial Day weekend is quickly becoming a third tent-pole for these special events.  The 24-hour park day is a great promotion for the guests because it does not require an extra ticket to attend like the Halloween and Christmas Party.  The other events, on this list, are also “hard/extra ticket” events.

Disclaimer: Everything in this article in regard to what events will be coming to Walt Disney World is pure speculation.  None of these events, for this year, has been confirmed or denied by Walt Disney World.

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Tutto Gusto Wind Down Review

On the last full day of my most recent trip to Walt Disney World, my wife and I got to enjoy the EPCOT Wind Down at Tutto Gusto in the Italy Pavilion.  We had spent the day frying like pieces of bacon on the bridge into Be Our Guest for lunch.

Minor rant: Yes, we had Fastpasses for the lunch.  Yes, it was hot out.  However, Fastpasses do not mean instant access.  Some people in the Fastpass queue did not understand this.  They went on to complain to anyone who would listen that the stand-by queue was moving faster than the Fastpass queue (it wasn’t it).  Fastpass means “faster access” not “instant access” to an attraction or, in this case, a meal.  Complaining about it isn’t going to solve the problem.  It’s only going to make things worse.

After some time in the Magic Kingdom including a meeting with Anna and Elsa, we headed back for a light dinner at Crew’s Cup Lounge in Yacht Club before heading over for the Wind Down at Tutto Gusto.

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