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How Villains Unleashed Can Be Improved

Disney’s Villains Unleashed hard-ticket event came and went on Saturday night.  The reviews of the event were not good.  There were long character lines.  There was only one place to get event-specific merchandise and it was sold out around 10 pm.  There were long lines, up to 45 minutes, for event specific food and beverage.  Those also sold out.  All of this left some people disappointed.  They weren’t able to see and do everything that they paid for with their hard ticket.  They felt for $70 that Disney should not run out of merchandise and food or be forced to choose which characters they want to meet.  I agree with them to an extent.  I think this event can work for Disney, in the future, they just need to improve upon some things.  Some of things are easy while others are more difficult and will involve some tough choices on Disney’s behalf.

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