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#ImagineeringFriday – Reimagining Walt Disney World Speedway

A couple of weeks ago, Disney announced that the Richard Petty Driving Experience would be leaving the Walt Disney World Speedway in June.  Disney also announced that the area would be undergoing “transportation enhancements.”  To me, this is very vague and leads me to believe that “The Mickyard” will be no more.  This makes it a perfect candidate for #ImagineeringFriday.

Usually, I set up some rules and restrictions for these projects.  But with this one, there are no rules.  You can design whatever you want into that space.  It’s a blank canvas.

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Be Our Guest Lunch ADR: The Best of Both Worlds?

It has been widely reported that starting on February 25th, Be Our Guest restaurant will be moving away from current FastPass-style of reservation to a more traditional Disney Advanced Dining Reservation-style of reservation.  My question today: Is this a good thing or a bad trend for Disney to be implementing at Be Our Guest.

Dessert Cart at Be Our Guest
Dessert Cart at Be Our Guest

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Disney With a Large Group

Planning a Disney trip can be a daunting task even if you planning a vacation for just your immediate family.  The task grows even more daunting if you are planning a vacation for a group or a trip with extended family.  This article is going to discuss ways to make the task seem less daunting and some tips to use when you are on vacation which can make your vacation with a group or extended family more enjoyable.  These tips can be applied to groups both big and small.

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How Villains Unleashed Can Be Improved

Disney’s Villains Unleashed hard-ticket event came and went on Saturday night.  The reviews of the event were not good.  There were long character lines.  There was only one place to get event-specific merchandise and it was sold out around 10 pm.  There were long lines, up to 45 minutes, for event specific food and beverage.  Those also sold out.  All of this left some people disappointed.  They weren’t able to see and do everything that they paid for with their hard ticket.  They felt for $70 that Disney should not run out of merchandise and food or be forced to choose which characters they want to meet.  I agree with them to an extent.  I think this event can work for Disney, in the future, they just need to improve upon some things.  Some of things are easy while others are more difficult and will involve some tough choices on Disney’s behalf.

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