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Celebrations is this week’s topic for the Disney Wordless Wednesday blog up.  Disney does all kinds of celebrations.  The parks are basically a 24/7/365 celebration.  Celebrations come in all sizes and it in varying ways.

There is the outward announcement of a celebration (like the Not So Scare Halloween Party):

Celebrations #1

Then, there is the more subtle announcement of a holiday celebration like a bat cake with a trick-or-treating Mickey.

Celebrations #2


I’ll be back for next week’s theme which is Retro Disney.

Focused on the Magic

Water Water Everywhere

This week’s theme for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by Focused on the Magic is Water.  I love this topic.  Water is everywhere at Walt Disney World.  There are two places that my wife and I like to take water shots: Kilimanjaro Safaris and on the Friendships.  Here’s our sampling of water shots for this week’s theme.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

water #1 water #2 water #3

Friendships around the hotels on Bay Lake

water #5 water #6

Grand Floridian from Bay Lake

Polynesian from WL Boat

EPCOT Friendships

water #7 water #8

Bonus Picture of the water behind the Beast’s Castle

water #4

Focused on the Magic