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Should Disney’s Magical Express Get Added to Disneyland

Magical Express #1

That is today’s question of the day: Should Disney add Disney’s Magical Express service to Disneyland?  For those that travel to Walt Disney World frequently and use the Magical Express service, like myself, it is a wonderful thing.  It takes the worry of getting your luggage, rental car, worrying about traffic, etc. away from your vacation.  You can focus on getting on the bus, getting to your resort, and starting your vacation.  So, why hasn’t this service expanded to Disneyland in California?

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Disney Transportation or Rental Car

A question that always comes up when planning a Disney vacation is: do we need to get a rental car or could we rely solely on Disney transportation?  It’s a question that doesn’t have a right answer because every vacation is different.  You need to look at your vacation plans and decide for yourself whether or not you need a rental car or night.

One guest may need to rent a car during their vacation while another vacation may not.  It’s one of the fun things about vacations.  There are like snowflakes – it’s hard to find two that are the same.

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