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Imagineering Some New Character Meals

Character meals are a great experience for both young and old.  It is a great place to meet a lot of characters in a short period of time while getting fed.  Some time back, I posted my top 5 Character Meals.

When I went to Walt Disney World, a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time eating at some of the more “off the beaten” path restaurants mainly at moderate resorts.  I started thinking when I got back: “Why not add some characters to some of these meals?”  It would drive some foot traffic to these restaurants potentially increasing revenues and profits which would make Disney happy.  Disney could use some of the characters who aren’t out in circulation to bring people into the restaurants.  What did I come with?

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Create a Character Meal

In the vain of previous Dad For Disney games, I’m going to roll out a new one: Create a Character Meal

This game allows you to put on your Imagineering hat. You get to decide everything. The location, what characters are present, and even what and where the food will be served. You want to eat food from Via Napoli with Peter Pan, Wendy, Mr. Smee and Captain Hook at Columbia Harbor House. That’s fine. There is no out-of-bounds. All Disney characters are eligible. You can even bring in appetizers from one restaurant, entree from another restaurant, and dessert from a third.

The only boundary is your imagination. Have some fun this afternoon and create a Disney character meal of your very own.

photo courtesy of Disney vinyl mania
photo courtesy of Disney vinyl mania

My character meal:

Characters: Dumbo, Timothy Mouse, Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers, Thumper, and Orangebird

Meal: Salami e provolone from Via Napoli
Flying Fish Entree Duo (potato wrapped snapper and New York strip steak
Ice Cream Martini with Coconut White Chocolate Ice Cream from L’Artisan des Glaces

Location: California Grill to watch Wishes afterwards

What would dream character meal be?  Who would it include?  What would you eat and where?  Leave a comment on the blog or on the Dad For Disney Facebook page.

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