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Ways Disneyland is “better” than Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World can be viewed as the younger cousin to Disneyland. Both were visions of Walt Disney. Walt Disney World is the grander vision but Disneyland was his first vision. As a result, there are ways in which Disneyland is “better” than it’s younger, more expansive cousin to the east. Arguing which theme park is better is like arguing who is a better character Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse. That being said, here are some ways that, I think, Disneyland is “better” than Walt Disney World.

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Cars Land: To Disney World or Not to Disney World

One of the biggest successes at Disneyland has been the addition of Cars Land.  Cars Land was completed in 2012 and was seen as the biggest reason why attendance at Disneyland has been on the increase.  Cars Land consists of three rides (Radiator Springs Racers, Luigi’s Flying Tires, and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree) along with three restaurants and three shopping areas.

Cars Land #2

Ever since it’s very popular opening, people have been asking the question: Should another Cars Land be built at Walt Disney World?  It’s a great question.  Some of the people have even mentally carved out space within Hollywood Studios and mentally closed down attractions to make room for a proposed Cars Land.

Let’s lay out the arguments for and against its addition.

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