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10 Attractions Where You Don’t Need a Fastpass+

Walt Disney World is full of attractions.  Some attractions always have long lines and are tough Fastpass+ reservations to get.  However, there are plenty of attractions where the wait times are short and it is almost never a problem to get a Fastpass+ reservation (if the attraction is even eligible for Fastpass+ reservations).

This article is going to unearth these attractions and help you enjoy your day in the parks no matter how large or small the crowds.

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Top 5 Show Attractions at Walt Disney World

Festival of the Lion King #1

Everybody loves a good show and Walt Disney World is filled with show-type attractions.  Show attractions are great heading into the summer season.  They can be used to escape the heat or an afternoon thunderstorm since they are longer than most ride-type attractions.  Show attractions, also, come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be from a Disney movie or from take people back in time.   Fireworks, Illuminations, and Fantasmic are not eligible for this list So, with that in mind, let’s head into the countdown.

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Top Attraction Shows at Walt Disney World

The weather forecast at Walt Disney World is reaching that predictable time of year: High of 87 to 95 degrees and humid with afternoon thunderstorms.  There are many ways to deal with the weather: get a Disney poncho and try to stay dry the best you can when the rain does come, go back to the resort and get in a swim before the rains come, have a long late lunch in the middle of the afternoon and watch it rain from your table.

However, these options may not appeal to you or fit your plans for the day.  Maybe you want to stay in the park but need to find those indoor attractions but don’t know which ones are best.  Today, I’ll try to list for you which attractions are the best at keeping you cool and dry when the mid-afternoon heat, humidity, and rains descend on Walt Disney World.

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