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Anna and Elsa Queue Change – CONFIRMED

The rumor that I reported on earlier is now confirmed.  There is a queue change for the Anna and Elsa meet and greet.  Here’s what we know.

  • Once the queue has a 30 minute wait, the line will be closed to new guests
  • At that point, guests will be directed to other side of the Carousel to obtain what best can be described as a legacy fastpass (see below)
photo courtesy @wdwpres
photo courtesy @wdwpres
  • Only a limited number (reports are 80 individual passes) are being handed out for each hour
  • A pass will be needed for each member of your group (four people = four passes)
  • Guests who have made Fastpass+ reservations will still have their reservations honored
  • Testing is taking place today, tomorrow, and Friday

This is a good change in my opinion.  It takes away the long waits for guests and allows them to experience other attractions in the park then return to Princess Fairytale Hall for their “fastpass” window.

It is also rumored that this system, if it works here, will be expanded to other attractions throughout Disney World.

Thanks to Temporary Tourist for first reporting this last night and Inside the Magic for being a second source.  Thanks also to @wdwpres for taking the picture of the passes and Chantal Bitter at Disney Vacation Club Members Facebook Group for forwarding the picture of the passes to the group.

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Queue Rumors for Anna and Elsa


Anna and Elsa #2


I heard reports, last night, of a new way that Disney is handling the queue for Anna and Elsa.  Reportedly, gone are the days of the Frozen 5k.  It is being reported that the queue will be limited to a 30 minute wait.  You can still meet Anna and Elsa if you are not in this first 30 minute group or don’t have a Fastpass+.  There are reportedly only nine Fastpass+ reservations per hour so don’t feel bad if you don’t have one.  There are very hard to get.  The testing is reportedly only today, tomorrow, and Friday.

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Could Princess Fairytale Hall Accommodate a Third Meet and Greet

I hadn’t given much thought about today’s article topic until I was having a twitter conversation with Lisa Green who writes the Living A Disney Life blog.  She wrote an article, late last week, about her displeasure with Anna & Elsa kicking Aurora and Snow White out of the Princess Fairytale Hall.

Disney recently made the decision to move the “other princess” (Aurora or Snow White) out of Princess Fairytale Hall.   Princess Aurora is meeting guests next to City Hall while Snow White greets guests on Center Street near Uptown Jewelers.


Taken when Aurora/Snow White/”mystery princess” still shared a space with Anna and Elsa.

Anna and Elsa #3


This got me thinking, “Lisa does have a point.”  Is Disney pushing aside two very iconic Disney princesses to make room for a new regime?

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