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Weekly Update – July 5

photo courtesy of mynews 13
photo courtesy of mynews 13

I hope everyone had an exciting Fourth of July.

My Fourth was filled with relaxation after a stressful July 3rd.  First, my central air didn’t restart after a power blip and I thought the compressor motor was fried and I shut off the air conditioner.  I was without air conditioning for most of the day until the HVAC repairman came and found nothing wrong.  All that was need was to let the air conditioner sit idle for 10-15 minutes to let the compressor reset and then turn it back on.  After that, it worked fine.

After that fiasco, I went swimming with my daughter at the local town pool.  I decided that it would be a good idea for my phone to go swimming with me.  Thankfully, I was eligible for an upgrade so my broken iPhone 4 turned into a functional iPhone 5.  These were two stresses that I didn’t need heading into a holiday weekend.

Now, on to the weekly update:

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Americana in the Disney Parks

Happy 4th of July from Sam the Eagle and Muppetvision 3D

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Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, we’ll be back next week with a full week of posts and debate.

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Americana at Walt Disney World

Friday brings us a “three-hour salute to all nations but mostly America,” to quote Sam the Eagle from Muppetvision 3D.  Friday is Independence Day and Dad for Disney will be taking the day off but before that, Dad will cover some of the pieces of Americana that guests can take in 365 days a year at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World and especially the Magic Kingdom are filled with Americana.  The park entrance is Main Street USA.  A place meant to take guests back to the early part of the 20th century.  This was Walt’s vision for the parks.  To take guests back in time when things were simpler.  And with that, onto the Americana.

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