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Weekly Update – August 30

Day One #8

The sun has set on another week on the Dad For Disney blog.  The articles, this past week, mainly focused on the Disney Villains and my trip report from last week.  So, here’s a recap in case you missed anything.


How Villains Unleashed Can Be Improved

World Showcase News and Upcharge Commentary

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Weekend Trip Report – Day Two (Part 1)

You can catch up on Day One of the Trip Report.

Day two got off to a relaxed start.  My wife and I really didn’t get moving until the middle of the morning.  We didn’t have a lot planned today.  We only bought three-day park tickets for our four-day stay.  Today was the day that we didn’t plan on entering a park until the Villains Unleashed party later that night.  We had to be moving by 10:30 am so we could make it to our 11:30 am lunch reservation at The Grand Floridian Cafe.  It took some effort but we were moving and got to the bus stop by 10:30 am.  I had some extra time to take a couple of pictures in the Yacht Club Lobby.

Day Two #1 Day Two #2

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Weekend Trip Report – Day One

My journey to Walt Disney World began bright and early at 5:45 am as my wife and I woke up to head the airport.  Our daughter was safe and sound with my wife’s family and had not idea that we were taking this trip.  We had an uneventful drive to the airport and getting through security was a breeze.  Our flight to Charlotte was at the gate and ready to go.  Our flight was relatively straight forward.  My wife and I got to both enjoy aisle seats.  We got to Charlotte early made our way to our gate for Orlando.  Again, things went without a hiccup.  Flight arrived on-time and we started the boarding process early.  Another uneventful flight and we were in Orlando.

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