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Disney Vacation Club 101 – The Basics for Potential Members

Dad is a Disney Vacation Club member.  My family joined the vacation club back in August 2010 and have made numerous trips to Walt Disney World staying in the vacation club’s villa style accommodations.  Friends of mine always ask me, “How does the vacation club work?  What benefits to I get with the vacation club?  Is it worth the money?”  Today, Dad is going to try to answer some of these questions which I’m sure will only lead to more questions.

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Weekly Update – June 7

It’s been a busy week at Dad For Disney headquarters with the announcement of the Villains Unlimited party on August 23rd.  Dad picked up a lot of readers in the last two days as the blog set viewership records on Thursday and then again on Friday.  To our new readers, welcome.  Here’s what you may have missed earlier in the week:

Club Disney at the Polynesian Resort:

Attractions in New Fantasyland:

Reasons to Love a Disney Moderate Resort:

Official Villains Unleashed 2014 Information:

Hidden Gem Restaurants:

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Hidden Gem/Low-Cost Table Service Restaurants


After the big news, yesterday, with Disney releasing news of the Villains Unleashed party on August 23rd.  Dad is going to slow things down a bit today and talk about some of the lower-cost/hidden gem table service restaurants.

This comes out of a discussion I was having with my spouse, last night, about potential restaurants to eat out when we are down for the Villains party in August.  Yes, Dad scored tickets!  And a room at Yacht Club to boot!  We are not using the Disney Dining Plan for this trip – a first for us.  So, we went looking for hidden gem restaurants around Disney World since we are paying “out-of-pocket” for these table service meals

So, let’s go around the World and find some Hidden Gems:

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Accommodations Recap

Our weekly recap of accommodations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.


Walt Disney World Value Resorts:

Walt Disney World Moderate Resorts:

Walt Disney World Deluxe Resorts:

Walt Disney World Deluxe Villa Resorts:

Walt Disney World Deluxe Villa Accommodations

The last step in the journey through accommodations at Walt Disney World is with the Deluxe Villa Accommodations.  All of the resorts that I discussed, yesterday, have Deluxe Villa accommodations as part of their resorts with the exception of Yacht Club.  The Polynesian Resort is in the process of constructing its Deluxe Villa accommodations which should be open late 2015-early 2016.  There are also two resorts which only have villa accommodations: Old Key West Resort and Saratoga Springs Resort.

A large majority of people will refer to these accommodations as the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) since, also, a large majority of the people staying here are members of DVC.  DVC is Disney’s time-share program where people buy points for their “home resort” which they receive every year until their contract expires.  Guests, then, use those points to make their room reservations.  The nice thing about the program is guests aren’t locked into certain weeks of the year, every year, until their contract expires.  Villas come in four sizes: studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three bedroom grand villas.

For non-members, however, they can make reservations at this resorts as well.  There is a small percentage of villas which are available for “cash only” reservations.  Now, the cost per night isn’t cheap especially when you get into the two and three bedroom villas.  So, if a guest wants to stay in this villas, they should be prepared to open their wallet to stay there.

All of the studio villas come with a kitchenette.  All of the one, two, and grand villa come with a full kitchen (plates, glasses, and cooking utensils provided) and a stacked washer and dryer combo.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has two locations for its villa accommodations.  There are some in the Jambo House with the standard rooms.  The large majority of the villas are Kidani Village.

Kidani Village Map
Kidani Village Map

A large portion of the rooms will have a view of the savanna though some will a view of a pool or of a parking lot.  Look kids….OUR CAR!!!!!  🙂

Studio Room
Studio Room

The studio rooms are Jambo House vary from 316 to 365 square feet while the Kidani Village studios are a standard 366 square feet.  These studios sleep for and have a queen-sized bed with a full-sized sofa sleeper.

One Bedroom Villa
One Bedroom Villa

Jambo House has some value villas which will only sleep four guests and vary from 629 to 710 square feet.  The Kidani Village one-bedroom villas are 819 square feet.

The master bedroom has a king-sized bed.  The living area has a dining table, a queen-sized sofa bed and a twin-sized sleeper chair. The kitchen has a full-sized fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and settings for 8 or 9 people.

One Bedroom Living Area
One Bedroom Living Area

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