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The Three Caballeros – The Soundtrack

The Three Caballeros was released by Disney in 1945 (1944 in Mexico).  But it is the soundtrack of the movie that I am focusing on today in this week’s edition of Disney Music Monday hosted by me and my friend Mike from the My Dreams of Disney blog.  We take some time out each Monday and focus on the music of Disney.

Disney Music Monday #1

What makes the music from The Three Caballeros so interesting?  The one piece of information that peaked my interest was the movie was released in 1945 (1944 in Mexico).  The music was nominated for an Academy Award: Best Musical Score.  It lost to Anchors Aweigh starring some little known singer named Frank Sinatra.  🙂  However, a soundtrack for the movie was not released until 2001 which was even 20 years after its last re-release in theaters.

The Three Caballeros

In all of my research, I could not find a reason as to why it took over 60 years for Disney to release a soundtrack from one its earliest films.

The soundtrack features 14 songs most of which are uncredited works.  The men behind the songs from the film were Edward Plumb, who also worked on the music for Bambi, Paul Smith, who won a Oscar for the music in Pinocchio, and Charles Wolcott, who worked on both Bambi and Pinocchio.

Here’s a song from the soundtrack: Mexico

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Dumbo – The Elephant Who Saved an Empire

Today, I return to the Fastpass To History link-up hosted by Kimberly at The Frontierland Station.  This link-up allows bloggers to go back into Disney’s past.  I like to use this link-up to explore the movies of Disney.  I’m going to take a look at Dumbo – the elephant who saved the Disney empire.  Disney was in rough shape after Pinocchio and Fantasia both failed at the box office.  It wasn’t because they were bad movies but it was because of World War II.

photo courtesy of filmexperience
photo courtesy of filmexperience

Disney needed a movie that was inexpensive to make and be successful so they could balance the books.  Insert the story of a big-eared elephant who had a dream that he could fly.  Dumbo was a children’s story that was written by Helen Aberson and illustrated by Harold Pearl in a format called a Roll-A-Book.  Disney bought the film rights to this story and gave the animators the direction to make the film short and make it inexpensively.  The studio needed revenue.

photo courtesy of scienceblogs
photo courtesy of scienceblogs

The animators originally wanted to make a series of shorts involving Dumbo.  They decided to make one of Disney’s shortest movies instead.  Dumbo is only 64 minutes long.  The movie was made for only $950,000 and made $1.6 million dollars in its first run through the box office.  That $650,000 helped save Walt Disney Studios from going under and allowed it took make and distribute future films.

The empire may have started with a mouse but it was saved by an elephant.

Storybook Circus #2


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Mad Tea Party – Wordless Wednesday

It’s another Wordless Wednesday link-up hosted by Deb at Focused on the Magic.  This link-up gives bloggers a chance to share their Disney photos.  There is a different theme each week.  This week’s theme is Attractions.  The first ride that my daughter and I go to start our Disney vacation is the Mad Tea Party.  My wife does her best to get a picture of us spinning on the ride.  Let’s take a look at our journey on the Mad Tea Party through the years.

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Space Mountain Trivia

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Welcome to Tiggerific Trivia Tuesday hosted by three wonderful bloggers: Jodi at Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, Mike at My Dreams of Disney, and Heidi at Heidi’s Head.  It’s a link-up that allows bloggers to share Disney trivia with their readers.  Some like to focus on Disney movies, others focus on Disney parks in general.  I like to focus on Disney attractions.  In past weeks, I’ve found little known nuggets of information at The Haunted Mansion and Spaceship Earth.  This week, I’m focusing on another iconic Disney attraction….Space Mountain.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

Everyone knows that Space Mountain is one of the first completely enclosed roller coasters.  But, did you know that Space Mountain is the only Disney World attraction located outside the Walt Disney World Railroad loop.  Original plans had Space Mountain located where the Carousel of Progress is located.  Disney did not want to close the Carousel of Progress so Space Mountain was placed in its current location.

Guests enter the queue for Space Mountain on the theme park side of the railroad tracks.  Then, the queue takes guests underground and through the interactive queue.  This takes the guests to the resort side of the railroad tracks.  Upon completion of the attraction, guests goes through the same tunnel are returned to the Space Mountain gift shop and to the theme park side of the railroad tracks.

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I’ve Got a Dream – Disney Music Monday

Welcome to another Disney Music Monday.  This blog is co-hosted by myself, and my friend Mike, who runs the My Dreams of Disney blog.  This blog hop takes a closer look at the music that makes Disney tick.  It could come from the theme parks, the movies, or the tv shows.  If it’s sung at Disney, it will be talked about in the blog hop.

Disney Music Monday #1

I like to focus on the music from the movies.  There are so many movies and so many songs from those movies.  It’s a vast subject to cover.    Last week, I looked at Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid.  This week, I’m moving to a more recent movie.  Everybody talks about the music from Frozen.  I’m moving back a couple of movies to Tangled which had some fine music of its won.

The song, I’m taking a look at is I’ve Got A Dream.  It’s a fun song which takes place in The Snuggly Duckling – a great name for a tavern.  It’s sung by the Pub Thugs, Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel.  This point of the song is to show people that everybody even the grittiest of people have dreams and that everybody should be trying to achieving those dreams no matter how big or small.  It’s one of the foundations that Disney was built.  Plus, it’s a fun song to listen to.

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