My Family’s Disney Cruise Adventure – As Told by My Daughter Part 3

Today were my family and I is at Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay! I’m super excited to be at Castaway Cay! When you get off the ship at Castaway Cay, you will not need to show your passport because it’s a private island for Disney. My mom got up pretty early to get off the ship and get to the Cabana we got.

When you get a Cabana, you get green bands to wear on your wrist so you can go back into the cabana area. You get an assigned number to go for your Cabana. My family’s Cabana number was 19. My dad and I had to wake up at 8:30 to meet some princesses. The princesses were Belle, Cinderella, Tiana, and Rapunzel. We had some passes to meet these princesses. After my dad and I met the princesses, my dad and I got off the ship to go see Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay, which is a private island only Disney cruise people can go to and a private island in the Bahamas. My dad and I got off the ship and went to the tram stop to get on a tram and stop at Pelican Plunge, which is one of the tram stops. After my dad and I got off the tram, we went to our cabana, which was super nice. The cabana area has their own private beach area for my family to hang out there.

After my family was hanging out in our cabana, I looked on the app on my phone and saw that Edge was invading the Hideout, which is only for kids that are old enough to go to Vibe, which is the teen club. After I was hanging out the Hideout, I went to Cookie’s Too BBQ.

There is something on Castaway Cay called Pelican Plunge, which is a waterslide. After my family and I were done hanging out in the cabana, we went to one of the gift shops to get some souvenirs from the cruise. Then, my family and I walked back to the ship to have some more fun on the ship. When I was walking around the ship, I went to Edge with Michael. When we were in Edge, all the Edge kids that were in Edge at the time were playing Ga-Ga-Ball. Michael and I were starting to get bored and left Edge. After Michael and I left Edge, we went to my stateroom.

When we got to my room, my parents were getting ready to go to dinner at the Enchanted Garden.  I looked at the app on my phone to see what we could do while we were on the ship for the night. I saw that Disney’s Believe was happening at 6:15 pm. Michael and I wanted to go and see the show, so we did. Michael’s parents came and watched the show with Michael and I.

After seeing Disney’s Believe, Michael, Michael’s parents, and I went to Tow Mater’s Grill because Cabanas was closed since it was the last night of the cruise like it did the first night of the cruise, Cabanas is closed. Then, I saw that my texted me through the app I have on my phone, saying that I had to go to Evolution for the “game show” So you Think you Know your Family. Evolution is in the District Lounge, which is an adult area at like 9:00 at night on deck 4 and Michael’s family and I were on deck 11 where Tow Mater’s Grill is.  Michael came with me to the “game show” and we only had one minute to get to the District Lounge. Michael and I ran down seven flights of stairs ran through a bunch of people to get to the District Lounge ran through the other area’s of the District Lounge to get to Evolution. Good news, Michael and I made it to Evolution just in time for So you Think you Know your Family. Two cast members help out with all the activities throughout the cruise. During the show the cast member told all the people who were at Evolution if you want to go up on stage, you needed to go wild and the cast member would pick you. My dad and I got chosen to be team number 1. There were three other teams that my dad and I went up against. One of the cast members told us that we were going to be answering questions about the family member that was in front of us.

After my family, Michael, and I were done at Evolution, we all  started to walk around the ship. Then, my mom asked if Michael and I had dinner. We said that we were trying to go to Tow Mater’s Grill, but then I forgot about going to Evolution for the “game show”.  So my mom, Michael, and I went back to the room and my mom order Michael and I room service for dinner.

After Michael and I had dinner in the room, we went to Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats to get some dessert. I got a mint chocolate bar which was really good. When I went to go pay for my mint chocolate bar, the cashier said I didn’t have any charging privileges and he showed me on my Key to the World Card. Michael was super nice and bought my mint chocolate bar for me because he did have charging privileges. After Michael and I were done at Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats, we went back to my stateroom to have our dessert. When Michael and I were done having our dessert, Michael and I looked at our app on our phones to see what was going to happen the rest of the night.

I saw that there was how do you know your counselors at Edge. Michael and I wanted to do that, so we did. We went to Edge for a couple of minutes until it was time for how well do you know your counselors. What you do in the game is you split up into teams and see how well you know your counselors. My team won and there was someone who was on my team who was from Ireland. She was really helpful for the questions our counselors asked us. Our counselors names were Ligia, Vanessa, Melissa, and Kyle. Ligia is from Brazil, Vanessa is from Argentina, Melissa is from Pennsylvania, and Kyle is from Australia. Ligia, Vanessa, Melissa, and Kyle were all super fun and awesome for kids 11-14. Then, Michael and I had some fun in Edge. When we were in Edge we played Ga-Ga-Ball and Hide and Seek, but Edge style. Ga-Ga-Ball is super fun. How you play is there is a red dodge ball and you bounce the ball three times saying Ga-Ga-Ball. Then, you just bounce the ball to get to someone. If you throw the ball, the ball stops bouncing, or the ball stops moving, you are out of the game. How you play Edge and Seek, which is Hide and Seek, Edge style, is everyone touches a cube, and one of the counselors counts from ten to one, and if the counselor who is counting sees you, you are out. Then, the counselor who is counting starts counting from nine, eight, seven, and so on and so forth. After we played Edge and Seek, Edge closed at midnight because it was the last night, so everyone that was in Edge had to leave when it was midnight and go back to their staterooms to go to bed for the night. I went back to my room, changed into my pajamas, and went to bed. Tomorrow, my family will wake up and be back at Port Canaveral because it’s the day my family and I get off the ship. After my family and I get off the ship and get through customs, my family and I get to go back to the rental car place to get the rental car to go to back to Disney World.

Today is the day my family and I get to say goodbye to the Disney Dream. My dad woke me up at like 6:45-7:00 in the morning cause we have to get off the ship early in the morning. When I was getting changed out of my pajamas, I started to cry because I didn’t want to leave the ship. Then, my dad surprised me that we were going on another cruise in December 2018 for the Very Merrytime Cruise, which is a fancy name for the Disney Christmas Cruises.  After I was done crying and getting dressed, my dad showed me our stateroom for the next time. My dad said we’ll be on the same deck, but on the other side and a bit further up. The door to our stateroom next time was open so my dad and I saw the inside of the room.  Then, my dad and I met up with my mom in the concierge lounge. My mom asked if we got her card that works the lights in the room, which we didn’t. I’m like I’ll go get it from the room. So I ran back to the room, got my mom’s card, did one last check around the room, and then went back to the lounge. Then, it was time for us to get in line to leave the ship. Adrian who works on the concierge level and our stateroom host, was going to deck three where we get off the ship and back to deck twelve to bring people down to deck three. Then, my family and I got off the Disney Dream and went through customs to get back into the United States.

Then, we got on the rental car bus to bring us back to the rental car place. We got our rental car and one of the tires were deflated. So we went back to the rental car place and got a different rental car. Then, we drove back to Disney World to Epcot to have some fun. We saw the flower and garden festival. My dad and I rode some of the rides that we really love. The rides that my dad and I love to ride are Test Track, Mission Space: Green, The Seas with Nemo and Friend, and Spaceship Earth. We rode all those rides and my family and I left Epcot to go to the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. We had dinner at Trails End, which is a buffet. After dinner, we went back to our cabin and my family and I hung out in the cabin for the rest of the night. We went to bed and the next day we would be leaving Disney World.

Today is the saddest day, the day we leave Florida to go back home. My family and I got up to leave Disney World. We got in the car to go back to the airport to fly home. We got to the airport, dropped off the rental car, and went into the airport. We got through security and got on the tram to get to our terminal. Once we got to the terminal and gotten to the gate, I started to do my school work that I was supposed to do while I was gone on vacation. We got on the plane to fly home and we hanged out at the house for the rest of the day. That is what happened on my land and sea adventure.

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