My Family’s Disney Cruise Adventure – As Told by My Daughter Part 2

My family is finally in the Bahamas and my parents got up at like 7:30 because they had a spa appointment at 8:30, so I wasn’t allowed to go to the spa because it’s an adult area. I woke up at 10:10 and my parents got back around 10:20. My parents asked me what I was going to do for the day because we didn’t get off the ship on that day in the Bahamas.

I told my parents that I was going to go on the Aquaduck that day because that is what I was planning on doing that day before the cruise even happened. I was also going to go to Edge and hang out. First thing I did was go on the Aquaduck. When I was in line for the Aquaduck, the Aquaduck “broke down” twice. The “broke down” was just a water issue. The first time the Aquaduck “broke down”, I didn’t realized it until everyone started to cheer. The second time the Aquaduck “broke down” was when I was towards the front of the line, the second group that was in front of me got stuck, so the ride “broke down” AGAIN. The people who got stuck, a cast member got them unstuck and it takes at least 15 MINUTES. It takes 8 minutes to look through the ride to see what’s wrong and 7 minutes for the water to turn back on and the ride to get going. The people who got stuck go first and then it goes through the line like normal.

After I went on the Aquaduck, I went inside the pool and the whirlpool. Then, I went to go hang out at Edge to have more fun. I then did the Midship Detective Agency, where you go and solve a mystery. I did the Case of the Plundered Paintings, where one of the Disney Villains took all the painting and you have to solve the case. You get to pick your case and the headquarters desk gives you instructions on what to do. It gives you a practice round and then you start to solve the case on where Mickey or Kermit the frog tells you to go and then you get the free range. It tells you clues and when you find what the case is, there’s another section of what you find in the case you select. The other side of notes is your clues from what you find while doing the mystery. In your case book, there is a list of suspects and a section for your detective notes from the clues on the suspects page. On the other page, it’s a map where all your destinations are. There is art paintings with a question mark on it with the destinations page, which those change throughout the day. You won’t need to check every piece of art you see when you solve the case. The locations are on decks 2-10. The locations are be forward, which is the front, mid, which is the middle, and aft, which is the back. The locations are by the elevators. The locations have marks that you have to stand on and the painting is actually a digital screen on the wall. In the Muppets Case of the Stolen Show, there are two extra locations where you have to go to. The two locations are the Muppets Call Board and Pepe’s Door by the Oceaneers Lab. The Muppets Call Board is on deck 4 forward by the Buena Vista Theatre. There are two headquarters for all three of the mystery’s. The first one is on deck 2 by the Enchanted Garden. The other is on deck 5 by the Oceaneers Club. In the Muppets case book, the suspects are all the characters from the Muppets movies. The last case is the case of the missing puppies.

Pepe’s Stateroom Door

Then, I had lunch at Cabanas, which the food is really good, especially the mac and cheese. Then, I saw a new friend that I made from Edge. When I mention him to my parents, they both think that we’re dating even though we’re not dating. I was hanging out with him for most of the cruise. After a while, I had to go back to the room to get ready for dinner and pirate night. When I came back to the room, my bed was gone, everything was put away, and there were pirate bandanas for pirate night. The bandanas are red and they say “ Mickey’s Pirates in the Caribbean” with Pirate Mickey on the bandana and pirate swords on the bandana. The bandanas are all in a shape of a triangle. Before my family and I went to dinner, I did the Muppets detective game. That night for dinner, I had to go because we were celebrating my birthday.

That night was the night I wanted to go because it’s my favorite. Our main server was Leo and our drink servers were Marie and Tracey. Marie was earning her ears, which means she’s training to become a cast member. Dinner was so good, that there were two menus that I could choose from. The pirate night kids menu and the adult menu. At animator’s palate on the Disney Dream and Fantasy, which are both sister ships, but there are a few differences from each other. When you come to Animator’s Palate, the first thing you’ll see is the Finding Nemo characters in the drawing form, but then you’ll see the restaurant lights go to the under the sea theme and see Crush and the cast of Finding Nemo characters on the screens with the pictures on them. When you’re on the Disney Magic and Wonder, you’ll see the drawings of all the Disney characters on the walls and it’s all black and white. On the longer cruises, there is the animation magic show, where you draw a person and it gets put into a show.

After I had my dinner, I went to Edge to hang out with one of my friends, Michael. We went to my room to hang out after hang out at Edge. While Michael and I were at Edge, all the Edge kids that were in Edge at the time went to a pirate game at one of the many lounges on the ship. The Edge kids went up against the Vibe kids. The Edge kids team name was the Jolly Rogers and the Vibe kids were the Power Monkeys. The challenge was whichever team spelled the word “ Pearl” first wins, but in the end everybody won the game.  Then, we went to the pool deck for the Pirates IN the Caribbean show. During the show, there’s fireworks, the cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean come including Captain Jack Sparrow, and there’s a dance party. After Michael and I were done at the pirate party, we went back to Edge until it was time for the Edge kids to go to Goofy’s sports deck from midnight until 1:00 am, same time as it was when we invaded the kids club. I started to get tired during the time the Edge kids were at Goofy’s Sports Deck, so I went back to the room and went to bed. The next morning my family and I would be at Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay!

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