My Family’s Disney Cruise Adventure – As Told By My Daughter Part 1

I’m about to go on my first Disney Cruise EVER. I’m going on the Disney Dream Cruise Ship. We are headed to the airport to fly all the way to Florida. The ship docks at Port Canaveral in Florida. I’m super excited to go on the Cruise. My family and I just made it to the airport to fly to Florida. My family and I are flying through JetBlue Airlines.

“Made it through security.”I said. “ I’m so excited!”

My family and I are on the airplane. The first two days my family and I are going to go on the cruise, we will be in Disney World to take a preview of Pandora in Animal Kingdom for my dad’s work on Thursday. We left on Wednesday and have fun in Disney Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday is when my family and I goes on the Cruise.

It’s Thursday, the day my family and I gets to go view Pandora, The World of Avatar. The world of avatar is something pretty cool. My family and I are Disney Vacation Club Members, so her family got to go from 9:00-11:00. In Pandora, there are two new rides in Animal Kingdom. The names of the rides are Avatar Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey. In the Avatar Flight of Passage, you sit on a motorcycle type seat with a back and leg restraints as you “fly” on a banshee. The ride is 3-D and you wear 3-D glasses as you view the world of Pandora. The duration of the ride is 5 minutes. In the ride you go into three rooms. The first room is where you stand on a number the cast member gives you when a door opens and you get scan where you get your avatar. The second room is where you get a video instructions and tell you what will happen while riding the ride. The third room is where you ride the ride.

The second ride, Na’vi River Journey is you sit on a two-row boat as you go through a song which you will hear going through the ride. Toward the end of your journey, you will see the avatar that is singing the song that is in the ride. The duration of the ride is four minutes. For the rest of that day, my family spent the day at the Magic Kingdom.

Today is Friday, the day my family and I go on our cruise. My mom and I, have matching shirts that have Minnie Mouse on the shirt and saved it for this day that I have been waiting for. My family and I are in the car driving to drop off the rental car to the rental car place by Port Canaveral, where the ship is docked. I was sitting in the car watching YouTube videos, and then my dad, said “ Mo, look up from your phone and look out the window.”

I looked up and said “ Holy crap! Is that the ship Dad?”

My dad said “ Yes, it’s the ship, Mo.”

I said “ That ship is HUGE!”

My mom said “ I thought the ship was going to be smaller.”

My dad said “ Hon, it’s 1,114.7 feet and 217 feet in height.”

My family drove until my family go to the rental car place, where we would drop off the car while my family is on the cruise. My family got to the rental car place, dropped off the rental car, and about to sail on the Disney Dream. After my family dropped off the rental car, my family waited for the bus to take my family and many others to the Disney Cruise Terminal. My family got to the terminal to get check in and go through security. After my family went through security, we went to go check in.

My mom was confused where they needed to be to check in. I told my mom to ask a cast member to tell them where the family needed to be. My family was on concierge level, so they had to check in the concierge level. This is where the family got the Key to the World Card to get into their stateroom. My family had to get their picture taken so it goes on the card. The card tells my family what table number they sit at dinner, what time they have dinner, their assembly station for the safety drill, and most important their name so my family knows whose card is whose. Then, my family got the boarding group for when the get on the ship. We were boarding group #12. My family was on the concierge level, so they went through a special entrance. When my family got through the entrance, we had to show and scan their card to get in. After that, my family got their pictures taken. Then, my family went to go through the entrance of the ship. The person that guided them to the entrance told the person that welcomes you on to the ship my family’s last name. The person said “ Disney Dream, please welcome aboard the Brooks family”. The cast members that were lined up on both sides clapped as my family was welcomed aboard. A person walked with my family to the elevators to have my family to get to their stateroom. The stateroom number is 12022, which is very close to the concierge lounge. I thought the stateroom was going to be like a tiny house, but the stateroom was a little bit bigger, but not that much.


While my family was in the concierge lounge, a cast member came and talked to my family about what will happen while my family was on the cruise. The cast member that talked to my family told them that there is a mandatory safety drill at 4:00 o’clock.  Then, the cast member that was talking to my family said after the safety drill that the sail away party was going to happen at 4:30. During the sail away party, Captain Mickey and the gang were going to be there. You get to here the ship’s horn during the party. The horn plays songs from Disney Movies. The cast member said that there is the Oceaneer Club and Lab to me. The cast member said there is Edge, which is the tween club. The cast member said that my family was going to Royal Palace for dinner the first night on the ship at 5:45, which is the first group of people going to dinner. The show that night was The Golden Mickey’s. The second day of the cruise is in Nassau, Bahamas, where my family can go explore the Bahamas. My family is eating dinner at Animator’s Palate, which it’s also pirate night. The show that night was Villain’s Tonight. The third day was on Disney’s Private Island Castaway Cay. My family got a Cabana because my mom asked for a Cabana and my dad got my mom’s wish. The place my family were going to be eating that night was Enchanted Garden. The show that night was Disney’s Believe.

After my family was done in the concierge lounge, my dad and I went to Edge to get me check in. After my dad and I were done checking me into Edge, my dad and I went to go get me check in to the Oceaneers Club and Lab. I had to wear a magicband to have me go in and out of the club. When my dad and I were done with the Oceaneers Club and Lab, we went back to the room to hang out before it was time for the mandatory safety drill.

I asked my parents, “ Can I go explore the ship before it’s time for the safety drill?”

My mom said, “ Sure, but check in with us now and then.”

I said “ Thanks Mom.”

I left the room and went to go explore the ship. I went to go get a tour during open house by lady named Sam, who wears an orangey coral shirt. Then, I went to explore Cabanas, which is a restaurant on deck 11. Also while I was on deck 11, decks 11 and 12 is also the pool deck. Deck 11 is where you actually can swim, on deck 12 is where the entrance to the Aquaduck is. After I explored more of the ship, I went back to the room around 3:20ish. I was watching the T.V. about what to do during the safety drill and what to do in an actual emergency. At 4:00 o’clock the really loud and annoying siren going off, which means safety drill time. My family walked down eight flights of stairs to deck 4 and are room is on deck 12. The assembly station my family was in was assembly station G.

When you get to your station, you’ll get more instructions. One person in your party will have to present your Key to the World Card. Then, the cast member told my family to stand smallest to tallest and get to hear our cruise director to tell you how to put your life jacket on and what to do in an emergency. It tells you that in the video in the room, but the cast members want everyone to do the drill to make sure everyone saw what to do. Now that the drill was over, it was time for the sailing away party.

The sailing away party was so fun that I miss it, but I get to go on another cruise when I’m in eighth grade. After I was done with the Sailing Away Party, my parents showed me Cabanas, so I could have dinner. My parents left me so I could finally explore more of the ship. I went back to the room to hang out for a bit and saw my parents about to leave to go to Royal Palace to have dinner.

I was in the room and I started to get hungry, so I went down to Cabanas and I asked a cast member and the cast member told me it was closed and go somewhere else. So, I went to Tow Mater’s Grill, which is a tiny restaurant. The food at Tow Mater’s Grill wasn’t that great, so I went to the concierge lounge to get food and a can of Sprite. After I went to the concierge lounge, I went back to the room and I saw a paper on the door giving my family a certificate for us being on our FIRST DISNEY CRUISE. I went into the room and saw three chocolates and a towel animal sitting on the actual bed. Then, I saw my bed was a pull down and our stateroom host, Adrian, does everything in our stateroom for us, so my family doesn’t need to worry about that at all.

I dropped off everything that I needed to drop off and I headed over to the Oceaneers Club to have some fun. I was in the Oceaneers Club for about 45 minutes because the Oceaneers Club is soooooo boring. I left and went to Edge to have some fun. In my opinion, Edge is wayy better than the Oceaneers Club. I hanged out at Edge until it was time for what you can do in Edge by CrAzY people, which everybody knew they were just cast members. After the CrAzY people show was done, we had more fun until we got to invade the kids club from midnight-1:00 am, when Edge closes. I was getting tired around 12:40ish, so I went to the room and my parents were asleep. I got changed into my pajamas and went to bed, but the next day my family were going to wake up in the Bahamas!

Part 2

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8 thoughts on “My Family’s Disney Cruise Adventure – As Told By My Daughter Part 1”

  1. Wow! She did a great job. Now she has me even more excited for our cruise in December (is that possible?!) How old is she again? Ian is 11 and I was wondering if I should sign him in to Edge and the Oceaneers club both. Would you recommend that? I see she thought Oceaneers was boring!

    1. She was 11 when we went on the cruise and turned 12 in June. We signed her up for both and let her decide where she wanted to go. I would sign Ian up for both. Since he’s 11, you can give him self-checkout privileges to the Oceanear’s Club which is what we did for our daughter. Oceanear’s, from what I saw on the tour, is definitely geared more toward the 3 to 9 age group.

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