My Number 1 Counter Service Location: Contempo Cafe

This month on the Peach Loop of The Blogorail, we are talking some of  the best counter service location at Walt Disney World.  My favorite is the Contempo Cafe located at The Contemporary Resort just steps away from The Magic Kingdom.   Read more to find out why.


The Contempo Cafe has an excellent view of the monorail.  The monorail, to me, means Walt Disney World so it makes sense that the one quick service restaurant with an up-close view of the monorail would top my list.

Nothing makes a Disney Day complete, in my opinion, than spending some time at the Contempo Cafe and waving to guests as they ride the monorail to their destination.  The wave could mean, “I’ll see you in the Magic Kingdom soon.”  or “Enjoy your time at the Magic Kingdom/EPCOT/resort.” or just a simple, “Hello!” wave.  It makes my day and is a little way to pass the Disney magic onto others.


As you can see from the picture at the beginning of the article, Contempo Cafe does not take up a lot of space within the Contemporary.  It does not have a lot of seating.  But don’t let this lack of seating deter you from going there.  It is rarely filled to capacity.  Even at the busiest of lunch rushes, there is usually a group leaving and freeing up a table for another group to come in.  Maybe people are put off by being so close to Chef Mickey and the noise it generates.  I find this noise only adds to the atmosphere of the Contempo Cafe.  It gives a person the feeling that they are at Chef Mickey’s as well just without the meet and greets from Mickey and Friends.

photo courtesy of trip advisor



The menu especially for lunch and dinner is one of the most expansive quick service menus on Disney property.  I’ve heard from others that the breakfast selection is very good too.  I’m not a breakfast person so I’ve never sampled breakfast here.  Just give me a granola bar and I’m good to go until lunch.

The Contempo Cafe does not stick to the script of hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, and a salad selection for the menu.  Guests can find everything from the basic fare of hamburgers and pizza/flat breads to lobster rolls, sandwiches of all kinds , multiple salad options, and even a California Roll will appear on the menu from time to time.  A guest would have to eat here for 14 days straight before encountering a duplicate meal.  That, in my opinion, is a menu which has a lot of options especially for a quick service.

Chocolate Caramel Cupcake – seasonal from Contempo Cafe

Contempo Cafe Breakfast Menu

Contempo Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu

Those are the main reasons as to why I love the Contempo Cafe and why it is my top quick service restaurant in all of Walt Disney World.  What is your top quick service restaurant at Walt Disney World?  Leave us a comment on the blog or on the Facebook page, or on Twitter.


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