My Multi-Part Review of the Disney Dream: The Restaurants

Continuing my multi-part series into the Disney Dream, we stop in one of the most important aspects of many vacations…the restaurants.  The Disney Dream has a variety of restaurants for all tastes.  Five sit-down restaurants, a buffet, many made-to-order counter service locations, and lots of places to grab a refreshment.  One thing is for sure, you will not go hungry on the Disney Dream.

I’m mainly going to focus on the three sit-down restaurants that are included in the dining rotation.  My wife and I did not experience Palo or Remy.  My daughter ate at the buffet one night and we ordered room service for her and a friend, she made during the cruise, another night.

My daughter’s review of the buffet:  “It was awesome.”

On to the sit down restaurants.  My wife and I had a private table for our dining (meaning that we did not have to share a table with another family).  We enjoyed this since on two of the three nights, my daughter decided to have dinner on her own.  So, for the first time in a long time, my wife and I got to have dinner as just the two of us.

Dinner, our first night, was at Royal Palace.  The restaurant was very elegant and probably a good restaurant to have when Formal Night appears on the dining rotation.  It was just a standard night when we had dinner there.  It was a very enjoyable experience.  We met our server and two assistant servers (we had a trainee server in addition to the regular assistant server).  These three people would rotate with us when we dined at Animator’s Palate and Enchanted Garden.

To go with the royal theme, there were paintings of Disney princesses throughout the restaurant.

The royal theme continues on all the tables right down to the bread holders.

Yep.  That’s a carriage.

Dinner was fantastic.  In my opinion, the food was presented the best at this restaurant in comparison with Animator’s Palace and Enchanted Garden.  My wife had the chicken off of the “Lighter Fare” menu and I had the Chateaubriand.

Dessert was just as good.  My wife had something chocolate-y and I had a Strawberry Shortcake.

We enjoyed our experience at Royal Palace that we went back for lunch the next day when we decided to stay and enjoy the boat instead of visiting Nassau.

The next night, it was on to Animator’s Palate.  This, for obvious reasons, was the one night when my daughter joined us for dinner.  It was a good thing that we did.  The next day at Castaway Cay, my daughter went off to do stuff with the Tween Club.  My wife and I were hungry and got lunch.  While we were eating lunch, my daughter decided to get lunch too.  She was struggling with the tray and food.  Spilled her drink.  Our dinner server noticed her struggles.  Found another cast member to help our daughter and direct her to where we were sitting.  It was nice to know that someone was looking out for her considering we had not idea that she was eating lunch.

Okay, back to dinner at Animator’s Palate.  The artwork was top-notch.  Great throughout the entire restaurant.  Little did I know that the photos of artwork I was taking at the beginning of the meal would turn into video screens during the meal.

Crush went around from video screen to video screen and engaging the guests.  On the face, it seemed that Crush was going to from screen to screen.  But in reality, it was setting up our entire section of the restaurant for an interactive show when he was finished with all the screens.  Very well done.

The food was good.  We also liked that you could view the menus of the Disney Cruise Navigator app before you got there.  Again, the Disney details went right down the butter knives which were shaped like paintbrushes.

The food, again, tasted excellent and had excellent presentation.

Our last night, we headed into the Enchanted Garden.  Out of the three rotational dining restaurants, this restaurant impressed me the least.  It felt the most like a nice restaurant that I could go to at home.  That said, it is still a good restaurant.  Just not up to the high standards of the first two.

I didn’t as many as the little touches in Enchanted Garden that I saw in Royal Palace and Animator’s Palate.

The food also didn’t have the same presentation that the other restaurants did.

Was the food terrible, no.  It was very good, actually.  After dinner at Animator’s Palate and Royal Garden, my expectations had been raised.  Enchanted Garden just didn’t reach those expectations.  If I had to give them star ratings.  Animator’s Palate and Royal Garden are 5* quality while Enchanted Garden is a 4* quality restaurant.

Maybe when we go on our next cruise, we will enjoy Palo or Remy and if we do, it will be on our Enchanted Garden evening.

The food, all around, was very high quality.  There is one thing for sure….you will not go hungry on a Disney cruise!

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One thought on “My Multi-Part Review of the Disney Dream: The Restaurants”

  1. When we went last year, Animator’s Palate was my least favorite. I liked the atmosphere, but wasn’t impressed by the food. I’m hoping, when we go in December, that I’ll like it better.

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