A Side Trip to Universal

Last month when my family was in Orlando, we decided to make a side trip to have a breakfast with some Minions and other characters at Universal’s Royal Pacific Resort.  My daughter and I are both huge fans of the Minions.  We wanted to find a way to meet them without spending the money on a one-day ticket to Universal.

We quickly figured out that Uber was going to be our best option to get from Port Orleans French Quarter to Royal Pacific.  Our driver was there in less than 10 minutes and 25 minutes later we were at the Royal Pacific Resort.  Even though we arrived earlier than our reservation, we had to wait until reservation time (and there were plenty of open tables that we could have been seated at).

Since there were not a lot of guests eating breakfast and some guests were opting out of interacting with the characters, we had a lot of great character interactions.  It was very much like our experience at Disneyland.  We had multiple interactions with some characters and got to spend a lot of time some others.  The only downside is none of the characters sign anything but it still a good experience nonetheless.

The first set of characters we met were EB and a Pink Beret from the 2011 movie, Hop.  My daughter is a huge fan of rabbits and thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  Plus, we got to meet them twice which was good because our first round of pictures did not turn out very good.

img_0483 img_0486 img_0496

Next up were Bart and Homer Simpson.  Since my daughter didn’t know them very well, she did not have a lot of interest in them.  However, my wife and I were thrilled to meet them.


img_0524 img_0508 img_0511

Mmmmmm....tiny cube of cheese.
Mmmmmm….tiny cube of cheese.

We saved the best for last….the Minions and Gru.  My daughter and I love these little yellow guys.  We only wish that they did autographs.

img_0534 img_0540 img_0545 img_0552

After our breakfast, we took another Uber to EPCOT.  We had a great Uber driver who dropped us off in the same area that the buses drop off guests at EPCOT.  From there, we had to meet a few more characters…Joy and Sadness.


Thanks for reading!


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