Dining at Monsieur Paul

My wife and I made a child-less trip to Walt Disney World in September so I could attend a travel agent meeting.  We took advantage of not having the kid with us at dinner by dining at some of the restaurants that we do not normally eat.  We ate at Raglan Road in Disney Springs one night.  Another night we ate at Monsieur Paul.

Located upstairs from Chefs de France, Monsieur has a much more intimate dining atmosphere.  We had one of the first reservations for the evening.  Reservations open at 5 pm, we had a 5 pm reservation and we were the second group seating.  We had a great table by the window where we could look out over the World Showcase and watch people come in and out of the France Pavilion.


There are two menus.  The smaller menu is the extensive wine menu while the larger menu is the food menu.  The menus get topped with a napkin folded like a waiter’s jacket (a nice little touch)

image2We went with the waiter’s recommendation for the bottle of wine (I can’t remember what wine it was but it was very good).

image3 image4

Both my wife and I had the Salade au Roquefort.  It was very, very good.  I did not think that I would like because of the pears, walnuts, etc.  but I am glad to report that I did.  I’ve even looked up on-line to find a Roquefort Salad that is comparable to the one at Monsieur Paul.



After the salad, we had some more wine and waited for the entree while eating some tasty French bread.  I love high quality crusty French bread.


Our entrees arrived.  My wife had the red snapper with a side of spinach.

image2 image3

I went with the beef tenderloin and potatoes.



A whole lot of cheese here.  A Parmesan crust on the beef tenderloin to go with some more parmesan cheese on top of the potatoes.  The sharpness of the cheese really played well with the other flavors in the beef and potatoes.  My wife said the red snapper was even better than the fish served at Flying Fish.

Finally, we reached dessert.  The French do dessert well.


It’s a little hard to read due to the angle.  I got the La tarte aux fruits rouges.  It’s hard to pass up a strawberry shortcake like dessert with the added bonus of coconut sorbet.


My wife went with La moelleux which is a warm chocolate almond cake with raspberry coulis in the center, hazelnut crust and hazelnut ice cream.  The waiter informed us that this dessert takes some time to bake so our desserts would be delayed.  We didn’t mind this gave us more time to drink more wine and watch the crowds for the opening weekend of Food & Wine Festival get bigger and bigger.


With the excellent food, great wine and a fantastic/quiet atmosphere, Monsieur Paul is not an inexpensive meal.  We easily paid more than $200 for our dinner and the restaurant does not accept any DVC or AP discounts so you are paying full price.  We budgeted for this meal so we were able to “swallow” the cost but be prepared to have a budget-blowing meal if you eat here.

Thanks for reading!

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